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Aerial Forestry Photos

More information on how to use this tool.

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Detail of map showing points that represent individual aerial photographs

To select a single photo, click on a red dot and a “photo details” box will pop up with the information required to order a reproduction of the photo or retrieve the actual photo for viewing at the Archives. Clicking the linked photo ID in the photo details box will send the information to the order information box on the right hand side of the screen.

You may also select multiple photos at the same time from the same area by using the “Draw a shape” button that sits just to the left of the “Map” button.

Note that some photo details boxes give the option to view a thumbnail of the photo image. Additional thumbnails will be added in future.

Deatil of map showing box providing metadata about the photograph or photographs selected

Completing the shape will send information for all of the photo points within the shape to the order information box on the right hand side of the screen.

Once you have selected the image(s) you wish to order or view, fill in the rest of the information in the order information box (name and contact information) and select either Order for Reproduction OR View in Reading Room.

If you order for reproduction, the photo will be reproduced for you and you will be charged for the photo according to our fees schedule found below.

If you order for viewing, reference staff will retrieve the original photo and hold it for you to be viewed in the Archives Reading Room. There is no charge for this.

Please note that you have the option of viewing the map in “Topographic” or Satellite” mode. Satellite option will allow you to see the actual terrain of the photo’s area.

Detail of location map in map view

Detail of location satellite photograph view

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Formats and Fees for Reproduction

We offer the following reproduction formats for Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) aerial photographs:
  • Print copy on high quality photographic paper in stereograph-size 10 X10, 8.5 X11, or 13 X 19: $54.93 per image
  • Oversize up to 24” wide $109.85 per image
  • Digital file, tiff format (sent electronically or on CD/DVD): $43.94 per image

Note that when ordering MNR photos for stereographic viewing please select adjacent images from the same year, roll and flight line. (E.g. If you wish to view image 1978-R134-4412-14 in stereo, also order 1978-R134-4412-13 (or 15)

Postage and handling fees apply to orders sent by mail. HST apply to all orders.
Turnaround time is :

  • 14 business days for orders submitted online or by phone

  • 5 working days for orders submitted in person (you have viewed and flagged the photographs)

  • Rush service is available (7-9 working days for orders submitted online or by phone; 2-4 working days for orders submitted in person); there is an extra charge of $16.90 per image.

We will invoice you once the order is completed, and we will send the order once we receive payment. Larger orders may take longer to process; we require payment of half of the total cost in advance on all orders worth $250 or more before postage and handling fees and taxes.

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