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Government of Ontario Sub-series

Government of Ontario Sub-series

Archival records created by the government of Ontario are organized into groups called series. A series is a group of records that:

  • result from a particular function or activity
  • share a particular format
  • were kept together as a unit by a government office for some other reason

Series of records are sometimes sub-divided into groups called sub-series.

For more information see How Government of Ontario Records are Organized.

What information is contained in a description of a government sub-series?

A description of a government sub-series is divided into two sections:

About these records

This section of the description answers such questions as:

  • What is this material?
  • What activity of government led to the creation of this material?
  • How much material is in this sub-series and what is the format of the material?
  • When was this material created?
  • Are there any restrictions on access?
  • What series of records does this sub-series form a part?

How to view these records

This section of a description provides information about how you can order these records so that you can view them in one of our reading rooms. It may:

  • direct you to view an online list of the sub-series so that you can order particular files and items that you require to one of our reading rooms
  • direct you to contact a reference archivist for more information about how to access these records
  • let you know if these records have been microfilmed and are available for borrowing through the Archives’ Microfilm Interloan Service.

For more information, see Requesting and Viewing Archival Records.