August 25, 2000

Applications for standing
(Part or parts of Inquiry for which application was made is indicated in brackets.)

Applications for standing in Parts I and II:

  • ALERT - Sierra Club Coalition (Parts I and II)
  • The Association of Local Public Health Agencies (Parts I and II)
  • Association of Municipalities of Ontario (Parts I and II)
  • Bruce Grey Owen Sound Health Unit (Parts I and II)
  • Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), the Council of Canadians, and Great Lakes United (GLU) (submitted by the Sierra Legal Defence Fund) (Parts I and II)
  • Canadian Environmental Defence Fund, Pollution Probe, CARD of Balsam Lake, Coalition of Concerned Citizens of Caledon, Four Corners Environmental Group, Mariposa Aquifer Protection Association, Save the Rouge Valley System, Stuart Hall Against Mismanaged Environment, Waring’s Creek Improvement Association, Fort Erie Water Advocacy Group (Parts I and II)
  • Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (Parts I and II)
  • Concerned Walkerton Citizens (submitted by the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA)) (Parts I and II)
  • Energy Probe Research Foundation (Parts I and II)
  • Government of the Province of Ontario (Parts I and II)
  • Dr. Murray McQuigge, David Patterson and Mary Sellars, collectively (Parts I and II)
  • Ontario Cattlemen’s Association (Parts I and II)
  • Ontario Farm Animal Council (OFAC) (Parts I and II)
  • Ontario Farm Environmental Coalition (OFEC) (Parts I and II)
  • Ontario Federation of Agriculture (Parts I and II)
  • Ontario New Democratic Party, New Democratic Party Caucus of Ontario Legislature, Howard Hampton, and Bud Wildman (Parts I and II)
  • Ontario Pork Producers Marketing Board (Parts I and II)
  • Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union (Parts I and II)
  • Professional Engineers and Architects of the Ontario Public Service (PEGO) (Parts I and II)
  • Walkerton Community Foundation (Parts I and II)

Applications for standing in Part I only:

  • Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 255, on its own behalf, and on behalf of its members Allan Buckle, Robert McKay, Tim Hawkins, Steve Lorley, Vivian Slater and Ellen Dentinger (Part I)
  • Corporation of the Muncipality of Brockton; Mayor David Thomson of Brockton; the present Councillors of Brockton, specifically: Audrey Webb, Deputy Mayor; Roland Anstett; David Jacobi; Wilfred Lane; Jack Riley; and Glen Tanner; the Chief Administrative Officer of Brockton, Richard Radford; James Bolden, who was the Mayor of the former Town of Walkerton; with the exception of one individual, the 1998 Councillors of Walkerton, specifically: Don Carroll; Clayton Gutscher; David Mullen; and Mary Ramsay; and Steven Burns, a Professional Engineer with B.M. Ross and Associates Limited, in his capacity as a consultant performing the role of Brockton’s engineer (Part I)
  • A group comprised of the parents of children who were seriously injured as a result of being infected with E. coli 0157; a group of more than 200 injured clients; and on behalf of all the members of the proposed Class in the class proceeding issued on June 14, 2000 (Part I)
  • Mr. Stanley Koebel (Part I)
  • Walkerton Public Utilities Commission (Part I)

Applications for standing in Part II only:

  • Azurix North America (Canada) Corp. (Part II)
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) (Part II)
  • Chiefs of Ontario (Part II)
  • Conservation Ontario (Part II)
  • Dairy Farmers of Ontario (Part II)
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada (Part II)
  • Grand River Conservation Authority (Part II)
  • Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association (OCFA) (Part II)
  • Ontario Municipal Water Association (Part II)
  • Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) (Part II)
  • Ontario Water Works Association (Part II)
  • Professional Engineers – Ontario (Part II)

Applications for standing where Parts not indicated:

  • Walkerton Chamber of Commerce (Parts not indicated)
  • Mr. Ernest Farmer (Incarcerated at the Walkerton jail from April 10, 2000 until June 8, 2000) (Parts not indicated)
  • People Opposed to Ontario Pollution (POOP) (Parts not indicated)
  • Ms. Mary-Clare Saunders (Attended a wedding reception held at the Walkerton Legion on May 20, 2000) (Parts not indicated)


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