1.The Terms of Reference of the Walkerton Inquiry provide that:

    "The Commission may make recommendations to the Attorney General regarding funding to parties who have been granted standing, to the extent of the partyís interest, where in the Commissionís view, the party would not otherwise be able to participate in the Inquiry without such funding."


2. To be considered for a funding recommendation an applicant must:

    1. have obtained standing in at least one of Part I or Part II of the Inquiry;
    2. be able to demonstrate that it does not have sufficient financial resources to enable it adequately to represent its interest; and
    3. have a proposal as to the use it intends to make of the funds and how it will account for the funds.

3. The Commissioner will also consider other factors in making his funding recommendations, including the following:

    1. the nature of the applicantís interest and/or proposed involvement in the Inquiry;
    2. whether the applicant has an established record of concern for and a demonstrated commitment to the interest it seeks to represent;
    3. whether the applicant has special experience or expertise with respect to the Commissionís mandate; and
    4. whether the applicant has attempted to form a group with others of similar interests.

4. Further information will be provided at a later date.

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