The Honourable Dennis R. O'Connor, Commissioner


The Honourable Dennis R. O'Connor, Commissioner


December 20, 2000

In my Ruling on Standing and Funding of September 11, 2000, I decided not to recommend funding for the Association of Municipalities of Ontario ("AMO") for Part I of the Inquiry in light of AMO's ability to raise funds from its members. I invited AMO to reapply for funds if full funding was not available by other means.

In a letter dated December 15, 2000, Mr. Hamilton, counsel for AMO, has written to reapply for funding on behalf of AMO. In his letter, Mr. Hamilton indicates that AMO has canvassed its members to request funding to support AMO's participation in the Inquiry. He reports that about half of AMO's members have together contributed approximately $66,000 for this purpose. Mr. Hamilton also reports that AMO's members may contribute additional funds in 2001, after their new budgets are set.

Mr. Hamilton advises me in his letter that AMO will have to withdraw from the Inquiry if it does not receive additional funding from the Attorney General. He submits that the funds raised to date are not sufficient to permit full participation in the Inquiry. Further, AMO is a non-profit organization which cannot run the risk of a large budgetary shortfall.

I am very interested to hear the perspective of municipalities in Part IB of the Inquiry. I believe that AMO has a valuable contribution to make in this regard. To date, through its contacts with Inquiry staff, AMO has made a useful contribution to the Inquiry. I am grateful for this assistance. I also compliment AMO and its members for their efforts to raise funds to support AMO's participation.

I will therefore recommend funding for one counsel for AMO in Part IB for those portions of the hearings that deal with the interests of municipalities. Consistent with my prior Supplementary Ruling of October 3, 2000, regarding funding for the Ontario Farm Environmental Coalition, I will recommend that funding be provided to AMO only after AMO has exhausted the funds that it has raised, or raises in the future, from other sources.

Mr. Hamilton also requests funding for AMO to participate in Part II of the Inquiry. I defer my decision on whether to recommend funding for AMO in Part II pending discussions between AMO and Inquiry staff regarding the process for parties to participate in Part II.

DATE RELEASED: December 20, 2000

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