The Honourable Dennis R. O'Connor, Commissioner


The Honourable Dennis R. O'Connor, Commissioner


January 5, 2001

In my Ruling on Standing and Funding of September 11, 2000, I decided not to recommend funding for the Energy Probe Research Foundation ("EPRF") for Part IB of the Inquiry. I indicated that it was not clear to me whether EPRF had made efforts to raise funds on its own and that EPRF could reapply for funding.

In a letter dated November 30, 2000, Patricia Adams, President of EPRF, wrote me to reapply for funding. She informed me that EPRF has made considerable efforts to raise funds since the release of my Ruling. Unfortunately, these efforts have not met with great success. After sending letters to 100 charitable foundations and 392 corporations, EPRF had raised $1,100, less $266 for postage, for a total of $874 by the date of Ms. Adams' letter.

I am satisfied that EPRF has made significant efforts to raise funds to support its participation in the Inquiry. I am also satisfied, based on the contents of Ms. Adams' letter, that EPRF could not participate without funding from the Attorney General. As I indicated in my Ruling of September 11, I am of the opinion that EPRF has a clearly ascertainable, although narrow, perspective that will help me to fulfill my mandate in Part IB.

I will therefore recommend funding for one counsel, with disbursements, for EPRF for 15 hearing days in Part IB. I leave it to EPRF to determine the hearing days on which its counsel will attend, in light of the unique perspective that EPRF brings. EPRF will be in a position to do this upon receiving information from Commission counsel about the organization of the evidence in Part IB.

  Consistent with my Supplementary Rulings of October 3, 2000 and December 20, 2000, I will recommend that funding be provided to EPRF only after EPRF has exhausted the funds that it has raised, or raises in the future, from other sources.

DATE RELEASED: January 5, 2001

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