Inquiry into Pediatric Forensic Pathology in Ontario

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Expert Medical and Scientific Panel

The Order in Council that established the Commission also appointed Senator Larry W. Campbell, a former Chief Coroner for the City of Vancouver, to chair an expert medical and scientific panel that reported to the Commissioner and was asked "to provide such information and advice as directed by the Commissioner."

The Order in Council establishing the Inquiry
Amendment to Order in Council (changing date)

Senator Campbell was elected mayor of Vancouver in 2002 after a career in law enforcement and death investigation. He moved to Vancouver in 1969, working for the RCMP and later becoming a member of the force's drug squad. In 1981, he began work for the Government of British Columbia's Ministry of Attorney General and was instrumental in the establishment of the first Vancouver District Coroner's office. He became Chief Coroner in 1996. His experiences in this role led to his participation in the development of a novel policy for dealing with Vancouver's east-side drug problem. Known as the "four-pillar approach," its thrust was prevention, treatment, law enforcement and harm reduction. His experiences as the city's Chief Coroner inspired him to become a scriptwriter for the popular television series Da Vinci's Inquest.


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