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  FrançaisUpdated June 6, 2007                    

Ipperwash Inquiry Update  (May 31, 2007)

Ipperwash Inquiry Report released on May 31, 2007

Commissioner Sidney B. Linden, released the Report of the Ipperwash Inquiry on May 31, 2007, in Forest, Ontario, where the hearings were held. It was transmitted to Attorney General Michael Bryant shortly before the public release.

The Report (in English and French)

Printed copies and CD-ROMs are available for purchase from Publications Ontario.
Publications Ontario can be reached at 1-800-668-9938 or through their website.

Commissioner's Statement - Public Release of Report  (72Kb / 18 pages)

The Ipperwash Inquiry

The Ipperwash Inquiry was established by the Government of Ontario under the Public Inquiries Act. Its mandate was to inquire and report on events surrounding the death of Dudley George, who was shot in 1995 during a protest by First Nations representatives at Ipperwash Provincial Park and later died. The Inquiry was also mandated to make recommendations that would avoid violence in similar circumstances in the future.

The Honourable Sidney B. Linden was appointed Commissioner. The Commissioner separated the Inquiry into two phases that ran concurrently: The evidentiary hearings that dealt with the events surrounding the death of Dudley George and the Policy and Research part that dealt with the issues directed to the avoidance of violence in similar circumstances.

The hearings began in Forest in July 2004 and ended in August 2006. The Report, containing finding and recommendations from both phases, was made public on May 31, 2007. It is available on this web page. Printed copies and CD-ROMs may be purchased from Publications Ontario.

Evidentiary Hearings (Part 1)

Witnesses who have testified  (Updated June 28, 2006)
Transcripts of the evidentiary hearings  (Updated June 28, 2006)
Historical Overview Testimony  (Updated May 24, 2005)

Policy and Research (Part 2)  (Updated June 6, 2007)

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