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J. J. Talman Library

As of September 29, 2022 the Archives of Ontario has launched the Archives and Information Management System (AIMS). The AIMS integrates the Archives Descriptive Database, the BIBLiON Library Catalogue, the Government of Ontario Art Collection (GOAC) and the Visual Database into one online tool. As a result, you may encounter broken links to the old databases on our website. We are working at updating these links to the AIMS. If you encounter a broken link and need assistance, please contact us. 

A City Boy in the Woods. Archives of Ontario PAMPH 1955 55

The J. J. Talman Library at the Archives of Ontario is a research and reference collection for the general public and the staff of the Archives. There are approximately 80,000 books, pamphlets, Ontario Government publications, periodicals, microfilm, microfiche and other printed and published items in the Library's collections.

Most of the Library collections relate to the social, political, economic, cultural and military history of the Province of Ontario. This material provides context and analysis and assists in interpreting and understanding the archival material (government records and private papers/collections) held at the Archives of Ontario.

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Library Finding Aids | Collection Highlights | Inter-Library Loan Policy

Finding Aids:

More detailed information about some collections is available through finding aids. Finding aids not linked here are available in the Archives of Ontario's Reading Room.

Finding Aids in Alphabetical Order

L 1

Almanacs Collection - Paper aid obsolete. Search AIMS for almanacs.

L 2

Canadian Illustrated News Indices

L 21

Debates of the Legislative Assembly [Word, PDF]

L 22

Annual Reports of the Department of Public Works, 1845 to 1971/72 [Word, PDF]

L 3

Election Pamphlets

L 20

Journals of the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada, Province of Canada and Ontario [Word, PDF]

L 4

Imperial Blue Books - Paper aid is obsolete - Search AIMS

L 19

London (Ont.) Directories - Paper aid is obsolete - Search AIMS

L 10

Ontario Sessional Papers [Word, PDF]

L 23

Original Newspaper Collections [Word, PDF]

L 7

Parks Canada Reports (manuscript)

L 7

Parks Canada Reports (microfiche)

L 8

Provincial Secretary Published Reports

L 9

Revised Statutes of Upper Canada, the Province of Canada and Ontario, 1831-1950 [Word, PDF]

L 18

School Books Collection [Word, PDF]

L 24

Schools and Teachers in the Province of Ontario

L 14

Statutes of Ontario, 1867-1950 [Word, PDF]

L 12

Statutes of Upper Canada and the Province of Canada, 1792-1866 [Word, PDF]

L 15

Toronto Directories - Paper aid is obsolete - Search AIMS. See Interloan listings.

L 16

United Empire Loyalists, Enquiry into Losses

L 17

Voters' Lists, 1874-1978 - Paper aid is obsolete - Search AIMS

Highlights of the Library Collection include:

Pamphlet collection: includes approximately 12,000 unique and rare pamphlets, advertising catalogues, tourist brochures, political speeches and tracts, brief local histories, sermons, and programmes significant to the understanding of the history of Ontario.

Ontario Government Publications: The Library collects the key publications of the Ontario Government which shed light on the activities, policies and programs of the Government. This includes a full run of annual reports for most Ontario Government ministries, departments and agencies from their inception, and in many cases before Confederation.

Ontario Legislative publications, including full runs of:

  • Journals of the Legislative Assembly (1792- present) [Word, PDF]

  • Debates (Hansard) (1944 - present) and Newspaper Debates (pre-1953) [Word, PDF]

  • Ontario Sessional Papers (Bound series published from 1867/68 to 1948) [Word, PDF]

  • Bills of Ontario (1884, 1886 - present)

  • Statutes of Ontario [Word, PDF], the Province of Canada and Upper Canada (1791-present) [Word, PDF]

  • Ontario Gazette.

  • Canada Gazette (1841-1869).

Inter-library Loan Policy

Due to the rare and historic nature of most items, the Library cannot inter-library loan material. Many of these materials are also available in major research libraries in Ontario and Canada. It may be convenient to check with a local source before using the Archives of Ontario.