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The Archives of Ontario is launching a new acquisition program targeting diverse organizations.

The face of Ontario is continuously changing, as new immigrant groups add rich and diverse cultural elements to Ontario society. The Archives of Ontario is committed to the archival representation of the diverse community and cultural groups that make up the fabric of our province. We are launching an initiative to acquire the records of these cultural organizations to help diversify our collections.

Since 1903, the Archives of Ontario has been preserving the documentary heritage of Ontario and making that valuable resource available to the public. This includes a broad range of historically valuable records created by both the province and the private sector. The Archives of Ontario has long been a repository for documenting new immigration to Canada, with records from the earliest settlers to over 30 collections of contemporary cultural groups represented at the Archives.

If your organization chooses to donate their records to the Archives of Ontario you will be contributing to the ongoing history of the province. The records will be used by researchers, historians and students for generations to come. Donating your records to the Archives of Ontario, preserves your community history and group identity, it also helps safeguard your communities contribution towards multicultural society and understanding of those communities and wider society.

Need more information?

We encourage you to get in touch with us at the Archives of Ontario to talk about a donation. Send us a message via e-mail at or call 416-327-1600 or our toll free number 1-800-668-9933. Or write to:

Archives of Ontario
134 Ian Macdonald Blvd,
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 2C5

A member of our staff will be pleased to contact you to discuss your donation.