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Donating to the Archives of Ontario - Recent Donors

Why donate your records to the Archives of Ontario?

When you donate to the Archives of Ontario, your story becomes part of the larger narrative of Ontario.

Your records will be reviewed to ensure they fit the acquisition criteria of the Archives of Ontario. We also consider condition and completeness of the records.

If your records are accepted, they will be transferred to the Archives of Ontario under a signed donation agreement.

Your records will be protected for future generations by professional archival and preservation staff. Our collection is kept secure in climate-controlled environments. Your records will be described on our website for public access around the world.

What is a Donation Agreement?

A Donation Agreement is negotiated between the Archives of Ontario and the donor.

The donation agreement covers the following;
  • Ownership and custody

  • Terms of use

  • Access and copyright

  • Tax Receipts

I’m interested in donating records to the Archives of Ontario.

Where do I start?

Please fill out the Donor Questionnaire form or contact us at:


  • Phone: 416-327-1600

  • Or by mail at;

    Archives of Ontario – Acquisitions
    134 Ian Macdonald Blvd.
    Toronto, Ontario
    M7A 2C5