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Donating to the Archives of Ontario - How to Donate

How to Donate

Our rich and varied collection would not be possible without our donors. The Archives of Ontario invites you to consider making a gift to the province by donating your records. When making a donation, you will:

  • Contribute to documenting the history of Ontario for future generations.
  • Ensure you records are described and maintained in a safe environment; and
  • Increase the profile of your records by allowing visitors from across Canada and around the world, including students, university academics, documentary filmmakers and journalists, to examine and learn about your records.
What does the Archives of Ontario collect?

The Archives of Ontario preserves records that have enduring significance to the history of Ontario. For more information on our acquisition mandate see What We Collect.

What does a donation involve?

A donation is the legal transfer of ownership of archival material from a private individual, organization or business to the Archives of Ontario. If you decide to donate your records:

  • Professional staff at the Archives can meet with you to discuss issues such as copyright and access and use restrictions.
  • If eligible, you will be provided with a tax receipt for the fair market value of your donation.
  • The Archives of Ontario will publicly acknowledge your donation in a variety of ways. See the Donors page of our website for examples.

Not ready to part with your records yet? The Archives of Ontario can arrange for the transfer of your records at a later date through a signed agreement, which includes a schedule for future donations. We can also help you plan a bequest of your records.

More information

If you are considering donating to the Archives of Ontario we encourage you to get in touch with us to talk about a potential donation. Send us a message via email at or call 416-327-1600 or our toll free number 1-800-668-9933. Or write to:

Archives of Ontario
134 Ian Macdonald Blvd
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 2C5