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Learn about the public hearings, an essential part of the inquiry process in which relevant evidence was presented and made public.

Purpose of the Public Hearings

The public hearings are an important milestone in the Commission’s investigation and a requirement under its mandate, to investigate the commercial and technical circumstances that led to Stage 1 breakdowns and derailments of the Ottawa Light Rail Transit system. Commission counsel and Participants presented relevant evidence related to the questions posed in the Commission’s Terms of Reference.

Dates, Times, Location and Schedule of the Public Hearings

The Commission held hearings in Ottawa from June 13, 2022, to July 7, 2022, at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law – Common Law Section, in its Ian G. Scott Courtroom. There were no hearings during the weekend and on July 1st (Canada Day)

During the hearings, key witnesses representing the parties involved in the Ottawa Light Rail Transit Project – Stage 1, testified under oath.

Recordings, Transcripts and Evidence

Visit the ‘Hearings Schedule’ page to have access to each day’s recordings and transcripts in addition to all of the documents made public during the hearings. 

The public hearings were broadcast on Rogers TV and livestreamed with simultaneous English and French interpretation and captioning.

Participants with Standing

The Commissioner had released his decision on who will be participating in the Commission’s public hearings early March 2022. Read the Order on Applications for Standing and Funding.

Participants had until August 12, 2022, to submit written closing submissions to the Ottawa Light Rail Transit Commission.

List of Witnesses

List of Witnesses Formally Interviewed (pdf, 139 KB)

Public Hearings Witness List (pdf, 137 KB)

Hearings Schedule - June 22, 2022 (pdf, 157 KB)