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June 6, 2022

Commissioner Rejects Infrastructure Ontario’s Bid to Block the Release of Key Documents

Justice William Hourigan, Commissioner of the Ottawa Light Rail Transit Public Inquiry, dismissed an application by Infrastructure Ontario to block the release of approximately 2,400 key documents.

Infrastructure Ontario argued that the documents are confidential and should not be produced to the public or the participants in the Inquiry. That argument was rejected by Justice Hourigan on the basis that such an order would be contrary to the Commission’s mandate from the Ontario Government to fully investigate and obtain answers about the Ottawa Light Rail Transit system for the people of Ontario. A copy of Justice Hourigan’s order is available on the website of the Commission.

Anyone can contact the Commission at or by calling 1-833-597-1955 if they have any general enquiries or to submit information that will assist the Commission’s investigation.


  • The Ottawa Light Rail Transit Public Inquiry was established on December 16, 2021. Justice William Hourigan was appointed as the Commissioner of the Inquiry. Read Order in Council 1859/2021.
  • The schedule of the hearings is available on the website of the Commission.
  • The list of witnesses for the public hearings and the list of over 90 witness examinations conducted by the Commission are both available on the Commission’s website.
  • The Commissioner will present his findings and recommendations in a final report.



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