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March 7, 2022

Ottawa Light Rail Transit Commission Releases Decision on Participation in Public Hearings

Public Hearings to be Held at the University of Ottawa

The Commissioner has released his decision on who will be participating in the Commission’s public hearings.

The following applicants received full standing as participants in the Inquiry:

  • The City of Ottawa;
  • Amalgamated Transit Union 279;
  • Alstom Transport Canada Inc.;
  • Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation;
  • Morrison Hershfield;
  • The Province of Ontario;
  • Rideau Transit Group Engineering Joint Venture;
  • Thales Canada Inc.;
  • Transport Action Canada; and
  • Ottawa Light Rail Transit Constructors; Rideau Transit Group General Partnership; Rideau Transit Maintenance General Partnership.

All are significant players in the events that led to the construction and implementation of the Project, including in the tendering process, the construction of the Project, the decision to accept the light rail transit system, and the ongoing operation of the system.

The following applicants received a limited right of standing:

  • STV Incorporated;
  • David Knockaert; and
  • Justin Kelly.

Read the Order on Applications for Standing and Funding for full details.

The Commission will be holding its hearings in Ottawa beginning in June at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law in its Ian G. Scott Courtroom. Witnesses will be allowed to testify in person or remotely to ensure an efficient process. The hearings will be open for the public and media to attend and watch.

  • The public is encouraged to visit the University to watch the hearings via a livestream that will be broadcast in a large auditorium in the proximity of the courtroom.
  • The media will have onsite access to the press room, which they can use to watch and listen to the hearings as they work.
  • The livestream for the hearings will also be made available on the Commission’s website in both English and French, so people who are unable to attend onsite can watch the proceedings.

The Commissioner is grateful to the University of Ottawa for allowing the Commission to use its campus and state-of-the-art facilities to hold its public hearings, where relevant evidence will be presented and made public.

“We are very proud that our University has been chosen as the site to host the Commission’s public hearings and we thank the Commission for the opportunity,” said Alain Roussy, Interim Dean of the Common Law Section of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. “Hosting the hearings at our University will provide easy access for people to attend and watch the hearings and we intend to use this opportunity as a teaching tool for our students as well.”

Further details on the public hearings can be found on the Commission’s website, which will be updated regularly with the latest information and details on the hearings.

The Commission will also be holding two public meetings in person on May 25 and 26, 2022, at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa at 7 p.m., where the public will have the opportunity to share their views and make statements. The meetings will also be livestreamed on the Commission’s website. More information on how individuals can register to attend and deliver a statement will be made available on the Commission’s website the week of March 21, 2022.

Anyone can contact the Commission at or by calling 1-833-597-1955 if they have any general enquiries or to submit information that will serve the investigation.


  • Information gathered for the investigation and the Commissioner’s final report will be obtained in many ways throughout the inquiry, including from correspondence received from the public, expert reports and round tables, and the public meetings and hearings.
  • The Ottawa Light Rail Transit Public Inquiry was established under Order in Council 1859/2021 on December 16, 2021, following breakdowns and derailments on Stage 1 of the Ottawa Light Rail Transit system project. The inquiry is looking into the commercial and technical circumstances that led to these issues and will make recommendations to help prevent these issues from happening again.
  • The Honourable Justice William Hourigan was appointed Commissioner to lead this independent public inquiry on December 17, 2021.
  • The Commissioner will present his findings in a final report, along with recommendations to help prevent these issues from happening again. The final report is to be delivered to the Minister of Transportation on or before August 31, 2022 or, if the Minister of Transportation agrees in writing, no later than November 30, 2022.



For media enquiries and/or to be added to the media list and receive updates, please contact