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Documents presented on this site can be quite large and graphics intensive. We hope that the following tips will help you successfully read and print the documents.

The number one tip for solving viewing and printing problems is to get the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader. To view PDFs on the web or offline you must have either the full Adobe Acrobat product or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. They install as a plug-in to your browser and launch when you click on a PDF icon. Most of our documents are created in full Acrobat 4 mode which means you must have the Adobe Acrobat 4.x / 5.x reader (or Full Acrobat 4.x / 5.x product). The free Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from:

If this does not solve your problem then the number two tip is to download the full pdf document to your computer and open it in Acrobat Reader. Click the right mouse button on the document link and select the option to save locally. For example, the option in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 is "Save Target As" and in Netscape Communicator 4.7 it is "Save Link As."

Please note that in order to print a complete document, it has to be fully downloaded.


 Download Speed

Here is a table for determining how much time you may expect for a download to complete based on the file size and your connection speed. These are best-case scenarios and your download time may be longer.

  100 KBytes 1 MB 10 MB 100 MB
14.4K modem 1 min. 9 min. 1 hr. 33 min. 15 hrs.
28.8K modem <1 min. 5 min. 46 min. 8 hrs.
33K modem <1 min. 4 min. 40 min. 7 hrs.
56K modem <1 min. 2 min. 24 min. 4 hrs.
128K ISDN <1 min. 1 min. 10 min. 2 hrs.
T1 <1 min. <1 min. 1 min. 9 min.

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