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The purpose of the town hall meetings was to give Commissioner Dennis R. O'Connor an opportunity to hear concerns about drinking water safety from a broad spectrum of the Ontario public. He heard from municipalities, organizations and individuals in order to make recommendations in his report.

The proceedings will become part of the public record of the Walkerton inquiry.

A schedule is available under the Schedule button on this web site.

 Schedule and Purpose (Updated August 28, 2001)     * (8Kb)

 Master List of Submissions at Town Halls (Updated September 3, 2001)     (24Kb)

 List of Presenters for The Town Hall Meeting in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo     (14Kb)

 List of Presenters for the Peterborough Town Hall Meeting, April 10, 2001     (13Kb)

 List of Presenters for North Bay Town Hall Meeting, May 1, 2001     (12Kb)

 List of Presenters for Windsor Town Hall Meeting, June 12, 2001     (8Kb)

 List of Presenters for Thunder Bay Town Hall Meeting, July 10, 2001     (9Kb)

 List of Presenters for Walkerton Town Hall Meeting, July 31, 2001     (9Kb)

 Preliminary List of Presenters for Kingston Town Hall Meeting, September 19, 2001     (8Kb)

 List of Presenters for Ottawa Town Hall Meeting, October 9, 2001     (9Kb)

 List of Presenters for Toronto Town Hall Meeting, October 29, 2001     (8Kb)

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