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Improving access to Government of Ontario data fosters transparency, accountability, public participation and innovation. Open Data, a pillar of Ontario’s Open Government program, can be used by app developers, non-profit organizations, researchers and others to make life better for Ontarians.

To support Open Government, enhance access to its holdings and raise awareness of its activities and role within the Government of Ontario, the Archives of Ontario has made the data sets listed below available to view and download for free through the Government of Ontario Data catalogue.  

Data sources are provided where available. Update frequency is identified in the links.

More information on Open Government, including the sharing of government data, can be found on the webpage.

1. Archives Descriptive Guide

This data set lists Government of Ontario agencies, people, and private sector organizations that have created archival records. It provides descriptions of the records and their creators. The data set links the content creators to their records.

: Archives Descriptive Database

2. Government of Ontario art collection

This data set contains basic information about the Ontario government's art collection including physical details about the works like dimensions and medium and intellectual details like date of creation, title and artist responsible.

: Government of Ontario Art Collection Database

3. Immigration Records (1865-1883)

This data set is an index to the four volumes of assisted immigration registers created by the Toronto Emigrant Office between 1865 and 1883. The registers are a chronological listing of those new immigrants who were assisted by the government to travel to different destinations across southern Ontario. Over 29,000 entries have been transcribed from the registers.

: Toronto Emigrant Office Assisted Immigration Registers Database

4. Second Heir and Devisee Case Commission Files

This data set is an index to the 5,184 case files that document claims made to the Second Heir and Devisee Commission.

: Second Heir and Devisee Case Files Database

5. Archives of Ontario customer service stats

This data set is a collection of customer service statistics including number of telephone inquiries, correspondence and visitors.

6. Archives of Ontario Tours and Speakers Bureau

This data set provides information on Archives of Ontario tours and Speakers Bureau talks, including group names and attendance numbers.

7. Black and white aerial forestry photo collection database

This data set includes geospatial coordinates that represent points of reference for photos that are held in the Archives of Ontario’s Forest Resource Inventory aerial photography collection. The photos themselves are not part of the data set.

: Black and White Ministry of Natural Resources Aerial Photograph Selection Interface

8. Freedom of Information compliance

This data set provides statistical information on response times related to Freedom of Information access requests.

9. Archives of Ontario photographs and maps

Get data on select digitized photographs, maps and textual items from the Archives of Ontario’s holdings.

Source: The Archives of Ontario Visual Database

10. Directory of records under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Get information on the provincial ministries and agencies covered by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the types of records they hold.

11. Directory of institutions under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Get contact information for organizations covered by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.