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Recent Donors

The Archives of Ontario provides a window on the past for all Ontarians, connecting us with our ancestors and our communities. Many of the documents held by the Archives have come from private donors, to whom we are most grateful. We would like to celebrate those donations and thank the individuals and groups whose generosity has ensured that these unique and valuable records are permanently available to all Ontarians.

Since 1903, the Archives of Ontario has been acquiring records from the private sector. The Archives holds the records of over 2600 private individuals, businesses, clubs and associations, labour and political organizations, many of which are the result of generous donations.

Initiated in 1853, and now comprised of over 2,500 original works of art, the Government of Ontario Art Collection is administered by the Archives of Ontario. Eclectic and widespread, these pieces can be found displayed in government buildings across the province. Donors like the ones listed here have contributed significantly to the growth of the collection over the years.

The Archives of Ontario Library is a research and reference collection for the general public and the staff of the Archives. Many of the titles have been donated.

Photo montage illustrating different kinds of records that have been donated to the Archives of Ontario
Individuals Donors
The Archives of Ontario acquires donations of records created by individuals, families, and businesses active throughout Ontario.
Corporations and Groups Donors
The AO preserves original records from various organizations to maintain our collective history, and preserve the documentary heritage and community identity.
Library Donors
Donations to the Library range from rare and historical materials to current publications on various aspects of Ontario's history.
Art Collection Donors
Generous donations of fine art paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and furnishings form a significant part of the Government of Ontario Art Collection.