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COMMISSIONED ISSUE PAPERS   ( view by topics )

Jamie Benidickson - Water Supply and Sewage Infrastructure in Ontario, 1880-1990s: Legal and Institutional Aspects of Public Health and Environmental History    (693Kb)

David Cameron - Drinking Water Safety: Do Ownership and Management Matter?    (848Kb)

Rod Dobell - Social Risk, Political Rationality and Official Responsibility: Risk Management in Context

E. Doyle (Delcan Corporation) - Production and Distribution of Drinking Water

   Part A    (608Kb)
   Part B    (993Kb)

E. Doyle et al. - Wastewater Collection and Treatment      (905Kb)

Ron Foerster - Constitutional Jurisdiction over the Safety of Drinking Water    (177Kb)

Strategic Alternatives, Michael Fortin, Enid Slack Consulting Inc., and Mike Loudon - Financing
Water Infrastructure

Strategic Alternatives - Michael Fortin, Mike Loudon - Public Works Management Inc. - The Cost of Clean
Water: Estimates of Costs Arising from the Recommendations of the Walkerton Inquiry

Dr. Edwin E. Geldreich and Dr. J. Edward Singley - Ontario Water Suppliers: Two Experts’ Assessments  

Michael J. Goss, Kimberley S. Rollins, Kenneth McEwan, J. Ralph Shaw, Helen Lammers-Helps -
    The Management of Manure in Ontario with Respect to Water Quality

   Part A    (749Kb)
   Part B    (305Kb)
   Part C    (1057Kb)
   Part D    (717Kb)

Jim Joe, Jacinta O’Brien, C. Erv McIntyre, Strategic Alternatives, Michael Fortin, and Mike Loudon -
    Governance and Methods of Service Delivery for Water and Sewage Systems    (297Kb)

Carolyn M. Johns - Policy Instruments to Manage Non-Point Source Water Pollution:
    Comparing the United States and Ontario

Daniel Krewski, John Balbus, David Butler-Jones, Charles Haas, Judith Isaac-Renton, Ken Roberts &
    Martha Sinclair - Managing Health Risks from Drinking Water
    *  (997Kb)

John Livernois -
    The Economic Costs of the Walkerton Water Crisis    (375Kb)

    Value-of-Life Estimates in an Economic Cost Assessment    (101Kb)

Roger L. Martin, Mary Ann Archer and Loretta Brill - Management and Organizational Behaviour:
    Why do People and Organizations Produce the Opposite of What they Intend?

Narelle Martin - The Water Industry in Rural Victoria, Australia: A case study of reform    (341Kb)

Jim Merritt and Christopher Gore -
    Drinking Water Services: A Functional Review of the Ontario Ministry of Environment    (502Kb)

Nicholas d'Ombrain - Machinery of Government for Safe Drinking Water    (535Kb)

Jane E. Pagel - An Overview of Drinking Water Testing Laboratories in Ontario    (210Kb)

Douglas A. Powell, Katija Blaine, Liz Gomes, Sarah E. Grant, Bonnie LaCroix and Shane Morris -
Water Warnings: Communication in Drinking Water-Related Public Health Emergencies

Len Ritter, Keith Solomon, Paul Sibley and Ken Hall - Sources, Pathways and Relative Risks
    of Contaminants in Water

   Part A    (964Kb)
   Part B    (801Kb)

Darren E. Romain, Ken Mains, and Peter G. Nicol, CH2M HILL Canada Limited,
    and Bill Fields and Wendy M. Joyce, Diamond Management Institute -
    A Total Quality Water Management System for Ontario: The Model Water Utility    (614Kb)

Andrew Sancton and Teresa Janik - Provincial-Local Relations and the Drinking Water in Ontario    (333Kb)

Donald M. Tate - Water Quantity and Related Issues: A Brief Overview    (78Kb)

Mark S. Winfield and Hugh J. Benevides, Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development -
    Drinking Water Protection in Ontario: A Comparison of Direct and Alternative Delivery Models    (492Kb)

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