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May 22-24

Provincial Regulation of Drinking Water Safety I

Operations of key agencies (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, role of medical officers of health), compliance/enforcement efforts.

Draft Agenda   *  (18Kb)
Detailed Notes on the Expert Meeting    (111Kb)

Commissioned Issue Papers

1. Nicholas d'Ombrain - The Machinery of Government for Drinking Water in Ontario    (535Kb)
2. Andrew Sancton and Teresa Janik - Provincial-Local Relations and Drinking Water in Ontario
3. Jim Merritt and Christopher Gore - Drinking Water Services: A Functional Review of the Ontario
    Ministry of Environment    (502Kb)

Submissions from Parties with Standing

1. Canadian Environmental Defence Fund - The Ebb and Flow of Environmental Enforcement in Ontario
2. Canadian Environmental Law Association - Tragedy on Tap: Why Ontario Needs a Safe Drinking Water Act
    Volume I: an overview    (198Kb)
    Volume II: full report    (830Kb)
3. Ontario Medical Association - Input To Walkerton Inquiry Part II: Protecting the Public's
4. Ontario Public Service Employees Union - Renewing the Ministry of the Environment    (358Kb)
5. Energy Probe Research Foundation - Guiding and Controlling Ontario's Future Water and Wastewater
    Services: User Pay and Full Cost Pricing, Independent Economic Regulation, and Strengthened
    Environmental Law Enforcement
6. Professional Engineers of Ontario - The Roles and Responsibilities of Professional Engineers in the
    Provision of Safe Drinking Water
7. Canadian Environmental Law Association - Model Bill: An Act to Conserve Ontario Waters    (245Kb)
   Commentary for an Act to Conserve Ontario Waters    (33Kb)

  Public Submissions

1. S. Glouberman - Towards a New Perspective on Health and Health Policy (excerpt)    (29Kb)
2. H.J. Malec - Designing a Safe Water System for Ontario    (30Kb)

Other relevant background documents

Valerie Gibbons: Managing the Environment

Participants (see Notice to Parties in Part 2 (March 29, 2001))    (16Kb)

Issue Paper Authors
Government of Ontario
Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO)
Ontario Municipal Water Association (OMWA)
Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA)
Concerned Walkerton Citiznes/Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA)
Canadian Environmental Defense Fund (CEDF)
Pollution Probe
Energy Probe Research Foundation (EPRF)
Professional Engineers
Ontario Public Servants Employees Union (OPSEU)
Public Health

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