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Letter dated August 20, 1915, from Charlie Gray to his parents Alfred and Emily Text


Aug. 20th 1915

Pte. C. Gray

Dear Mother & Father

Just a few lines to let you know we are both in the best of health hoping you are all the same. We received your letters. The one dated 29th we got 3 days before the one dated 21st so you can see why it is the mail gets delayed. I can't make it out about that money as those letters say you had 2 cheques in the Month of May & 2 in June. We were paid up to the time we left so you should receive by the 1st of Sept. 3 months money - 90$ ,45 for each one of us. I fancy they have got mixed up thinking there is only one


here instead. They are not keeping any of Charlie Goddard's money as his sister wrote & told him she is getting it alright so I can't make it out about keeping 15 dollars back for 5 months. I shall wait & see how you get on about for another week or two. If there is any trouble over it I shall see the paymaster here so don't worry. Well Mother, things are pretty quiet here. We shan't worry if it don't get any worse. Quite exciting to watch them trying to fetch our aeroplanes down, but the way the men twist & turn them about to get out the way of the shells __ you would think they would fall out. These last two nights some of our boys have been speaking to the Germans. All they wanted most was British cigarettes. This morning they have been trying to sing Rule Britannia. I guess it is because they were overjoyed about that troop


ship going down. No doubt it is a bad thing but we have been lucky to get here. I am pleased to hear Herbert is working. Good Luck to him, but I am doubtful if he keeps at it. According to what I can hear about it all the single [men] has either to join the army or walk about, that is if they are fit. Pleased to hear the girls are doing alright. Quite a change for them not having to ride night & morning. I had a letter from Annie Tuesday & a parcel yesterday. She sent 2 photos of the baby, one each. He looks a fine boy, that's


all we can say about him, but we hope to see him later on so I must drop her a card to say we got it alright & write again on Monday as I have got to write to Amy this morning if I have time. I have not heard anything about poor Harry Jackson. Don't get much news but I heard yesterday that the 35 Batt. was at Dibgate [?] camp so I guess Ern & the rest of the boys are over there. Hope so in one way as we might have the pleasure of seeing them again in the trenches with us. I hope you had a good time at Lambton Park if you went. I guess Dad & Alf did. I don't suppose the park trouble them much too close to the hotel. Well I don't think I can [write] anymore so I will close with Love to all,

From Your Loving Sons, Charlie & Wally xx