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This series consists of returns of baptisms, marriages and deaths filed (between 1831 and 1859 and, after 1869 acting as District Registrar) by the Clerk of the Peace for the Johnstown District and its successor, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville (1850-). Records dating between 1860 and 1862 appear to have been filed by the Deputy Registrar for the Registry Office.

The returns are summaries of church registers kept by clergy of various denominations, which were filed as required with the Clerk of the Peace. The forms used for the returns are not uniform throughout.

The baptism returns give the name of the child, the name of the parents, the dates of the child's birth and baptism, and where the baptism took place.

The marriage returns document the names of the bride and groom, the names of witnesses, the date of the marriage, the location of the wedding and whether the marriage was by license or by banns. Some marriage entries also give the ages of the spouses, their places of birth, and the names of their respective parents.

The burial returns include the name and age of the deceased, and the date, cause and place of death. The name and denomination of the officiating clergy is included in all returns.

The registers are arranged chronologically by the date the return was filed as opposed to the date of the event.

Also included in this series is one return for the County of Frontenac from 1875.

Related Records:

See the District Marriage Registers 1801-1858 (RG 80-27-1, Appendix A18) for the corresponding Johnstown District marriage register for 1801-1850; RG 80-27-1-14A for Johnstown District marriage certificates; and RG 80-27-1-15 for the index to RG 80-27-1-14 [all found on MS 248 Reel 3].

See RG 80-27-2-27 to RG 80-27-2-31 [MS 248 Reel 9] and RG 80-27-2-51 [MS 248 Reel 15] for corresponding county marriage registers.

In order to view these reels you may:

  • Consult the appropriate reel at our reading room on the ground floor, 134 Ian Macdonald Blvd.
  • Borrow the reel through the Interlibrary Loan Department of your public library. Quote the appropriate reel #, either MS 6171 or MS 6172. These reels cannot leave the borrowing library, so make sure to request them from a library that has a microfilm reader.
Johnstown District Clerk of the Peace baptism, marriage and death returns

Year(s) of Returns Title Archives of Ontario Microfilm Reference
1831-1840 Marriage and Baptismal Returns Liber A Folio 34-141 MS 6171
1840-1848 Marriage and Baptismal Returns Liber A Folio 144-258 MS 6171
1848-1849 Marriage and Baptismal Returns Liber A Folio 260-286 MS 6171
1851-1855 Marriage and Baptismal Returns MS 6172
1856 Marriage and Baptismal Returns MS 6172
1857 Marriage and Baptismal Returns MS 6172
1858 Marriage and Baptismal Returns MS 6172
1859 Marriage and Baptismal Returns MS 6172
1860-1861 Marriage Returns 18-39 MS 6172
1861 Marriage Returns 40-52 MS 6172
1862 Marriage Returns 1-12 MS 6172
1870-1875 Abstracts, Correspondence and Schedules of Marriage and Baptismal Returns MS 6172

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