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Commemorating the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the War of 1812


Resources Relating to the War of 1812

Perceptions of 1812: Identity, Diversity, Memory - A new gallery exhibit

Portrait: Major General Sir Isaac Brock

The War of 1812 is often cited as a foundational moment in Canada’s history, and the Archives of Ontario holds a substantial body of materials related to the conflict. Perceptions of 1812: Identity, Diversity, Memory, the current exhibit in the Helen McClung gallery, expands our view of the war beyond the battlefields and the military heroes. Click Here

Ely Playter Twitter Feed

Experience the War of 1812 through Twitter. The Archives of Ontario holds the diaries of Ely Playter, chronicling his life from 1801 to 1853.

Read his own words about his life in Upper Canada, his observations of the war, and more on Twitter

To listen to an interview on Canada's History describing this project, click here.

For more background information and to read a curatorial statment click here.

Aids to Research

The Archives of Ontario War of 1812 Research Guide (#213) provides a comprehensive overview of the records in our collection relating to the war. [Word, PDF]

The War of 1812 had long term effects on Ontario. This extensive exhibit and history resource showcases some of the personalities and locations that played a role in the war and explores the events of that conflict as told through the correspondence and diaries of those who lived it. These words are illustrated with artwork, maps and photographs from the holdings of the Archives. [More]

Portrait: Major General Sir Isaac Brock

Like our other travelling exhibits, the War of 1812 is available free of charge to an institution that wishes to borrow it. Click on the image to the right so see a pdf version of the exhibit panels.

The exhibit has been produced on 4 easy to erect panels that are approximately 2' by 7' in size and comes equipped with lights.

The exhibit can be borrowed for up to three months. To see a PDF of the exhibit, click here.

For more information:
Tel: 416-212-2037
Toll free: 1-800-668-9933 (Ontario residents)

Lesson Plans Relating to the War of 1812

The Archives has created War of 1812 themed stand-alone investigations mapped to the Ontario curriculum that can be covered in a single period or over the course of several periods. For more details follow the links below.

Grade Seven

Grade Twelve

Links to Other War of 1812 Resources:

Death of Brock, 1960
The Death of Brock at Queenston Heights, [ca. 1908]
C. W. Jefferys
Watercolour on paper
25.4 cm x 38.1 cm (10" x 15")
Government of Ontario Art Collection, 619871

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