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April 23-24

Potential Contamination of Drinking Water; Drinking Water Standards

Sources and pathways of contaminants found in drinking water, risks associated with various contaminants, risk assessment and the setting of standards.

Draft Agenda   *  (16Kb)
Detailed Notes on the Expert Meeting    (119Kb)

Commissioned Issue Papers

1. Len Ritter, Keith Solomon, Paul Sibley and Ken Hall - Sources, Pathways and Relative Risks
    of Contaminants in Water

    Part A    (964Kb)
    Part B    (801Kb)

2. D. Krewski, J. Balbus, D. Butler-Jones, C. Haas, J. Isaac-Renton, K. Roberts & M. Sinclair -
    Managing Health Risks from Drinking Water

3. Michael J. Goss, Kimberley S. Rollins, Kenneth McEwan, J. Ralph Shaw, Helen Lammers-Helps -
    The Management of Manure in Ontario with Respect to Water Quality
    Part A    (749Kb)
    Part B    (305Kb)
    Part C    (1057Kb)
    Part D    (717Kb)

Submissions from Parties with Standing

1. Conservation Ontario -
    The Importance of Watershed Management in Protecting Ontario's Drinking Water Supplies
    Executive Summary    (69Kb)
    Conservation Ontario Submission    (808Kb)
    Appendices    (163Kb)

  2. Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) and Ontario Municipal Water Association (OMWA) -
    Review of Issue #5 - Drinking Water Standards - in the Krewski et al Report "Managing
    Health Risks from Drinking Water: A Background Paper for the Walkerton Inquiry"
    Comparison of Water Quality Guidelines    (14Kb)

Public Submissions

Other relevant background documents

(see Notice to Parties in Part 2 (March 29, 2001))    (16Kb)

Issue Paper Authors
Government of Ontario
Agricultural Organisations
ALERT/Sierra Club Coalition
Sierra Legal Defense Fund (SLDF)
Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA)
Ontario Municipal Water Association (OMWA)
Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA)
Conservation Ontario

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