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May 16-17

Government Responsibility for Drinking Water

Constitutional responsibilities, role of municipal government, history of government involvement.

Draft Agenda   *  (11Kb)
Detailed Notes on the Expert Meeting    (78Kb)

Commissioned Issue Papers

1. Jamie Benidickson - Water Supply and Sewage Infrastructure in Ontario, 1880-1990s: Legal and
    Institutional Aspects of Public Health and Environmental History
2. Nicholas d'Ombrain - The Machinery of Government for Drinking Water in Ontario    (535Kb)
3. Andrew Sancton and Teresa Janik - Provincial-Local Relations and Drinking Water in Ontario
4. Ron Foerster - Constitutional Jurisdiction over the Safety of Drinking Water    (177Kb)

Submissions from Parties with Standing

1. Canadian Environmental Law Association - Tragedy on Tap: Why Ontario Needs a Safe Drinking Water Act
    1. Volume I: an overview    (198Kb)
    2. Volume II: full report    (830Kb)
2. Chiefs of Ontario - Drinking Water In Ontario First Nation Communities: Present Challenges and Future
    Directions for On-Reserve Water Treatment in the Province of Ontario
3. Conservation Ontario - The Importance of Watershed Management in Protecting Ontario's Drinking
    Water Supplies

       Executive Summary    (69Kb)
       Conservation Ontario Submission    (808Kb)
       Appendices    (163Kb)
4. Ontario Metis Aboriginal Association - Safety of Drinking Water Supplying Off-Reserve Aboriginal
    Peoples in Ontario
Public Submissions

1. Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association (1) - Drinking Water Management in Ontario:
    A Brief History

Other relevant background documents

Sierra Legal Defence Fund - Waterproof

(see Notice to Parties in Part 2 (March 29, 2001))    (16Kb)

Issue Paper Authors
Government of Ontario
Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO)
Ontario Municipal Water Association (OMWA)
Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA)
Chiefs of Ontario
Concerned Walkerton Citizens/Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA)
Sierra Legal Defense Fund (SLDF)
Ontario Medical Association
Conservation Ontario

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