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May 31-June 1

Provincial Regulation of Drinking Water Safety II

Regulatory frameworks surrounding agriculture, role of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Role and regulation of laboratories.

Detailed Notes on the Expert Meeting   *   (59Kb)

Commissioned Issue Papers

1. Michael J. Goss, Kimberley S. Rollins, Kenneth McEwan, J. Ralph Shaw, Helen Lammers-Helps -
    The Management of Manure in Ontario with Respect to Water Quality
    Part A    (749Kb)
    Part B    (305Kb)
    Part C    (1057Kb)
    Part D    (717Kb)
2. Jane E. Pagel - An Overview of Drinking Water Testing Laboratories in Ontario     (210Kb)

Submissions from Parties with Standing

1. Ontario Farm Environment Coalition - Wellhead Protection Strategies: An Agricultural Perspective
2. Ontario Cattle Feeders Association - Submissions to the Walkerton Inquiry of the Ontario Cattle Feeders
3. Conservation Ontario - The Importance of Watershed Management in Protecting Ontario's Drinking Water

       Executive Summary    (69Kb)
       Conservation Ontario Submission    (808Kb)
       Appendices    (163Kb)
4. Ontario Medical Association - Input To Walkerton Inquiry Part II: Protecting the Public's Health
5. Association of Local Public Health Agencies - Ensuring Drinking Water Quality in Ontario: A Framework
6. ALERT/Sierra Club
Public Submissions

1. Standards Council of Canada, Canadian Association for Environmental Analytical Laboratories, and the
    Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories - Accreditation of Laboratories in Canada with a Focus on
    Drinking Water Testing Laboratories
2. Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories - Submission to Part II of the Walkerton Inquiry    (67Kb)

Other relevant background documents

Participants (see Notice to Parties in Part 2 (March 29, 2001))    (16Kb)

Issue Paper Authors
Government of Ontario
Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO)
Agricultural Organisations
ALERT/Sierra Club Coalition
Pollution Probe
Ontario Public Servants Employees Union (OPSEU)
Conservation Ontario
Ontario Medical Association
Public Health

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