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the Browns

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Explore this exhibit featuring the records of the George Brown family fonds at the Archives of Ontario. Click for More.

to Ontario

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In the early 1840s, George Brown and his father moved to Toronto, where George established The Globe newspaper. He married Anne Nelson in 1862. Click for More.


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George entered politics in the 1850s. He wanted constitutional reform, particularly representation by population to improve the political power of Ontario (Canada West). Click for More.

A Growing

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The Brown family grew in the 1860s with the birth of three children. Letters exchanged between the family members give us a glimpse into their daily lives.Click for More.

Confederation Debates

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Shortly after his marriage in 1862, George re-entered politics. He worked with John A. Macdonald and other political rivals to achieve Confederation in Canada in 1867.Click for More.

Life After Confederation

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Following Confederation, George Brown remained active in public life until his death in 1880. Life continued for the Brown family in the years after George’s death.Click for More.
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