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Muskoka District Surrogate Court Records

Surrogate Court Records Available on Interloan

To View the Microfilm

Use the listings below to identify the reel of microfilm that contains the information that you need. You may then:

  • Consult the appropriate reel at our reading room 134 Ian Macdonald Blvd., Toronto, Ontario M7A 2C5


  • Borrow the reel through the Interlibrary Loan Department of your public library. Quote MS 887 and the appropriate reel #. These reels cannot leave the borrowing library, so make sure to request them from a library that has a microfilm reader.


  • Purchase the appropriate microfilm reel directly from the Archives of Ontario. Quote MS 887 and the appropriate reel #. For purchasing details, write the Archives of Ontario, 134 Ian Macdonald Blvd., Toronto, Ontario M7A 2C5 (put "Attention: Customer Services - Micrographics" on the envelope), telephone 416-327-1600 (call toll-free 1-800-668-9933 in Ontario only), or email For pricing information consult Customer Service Guide 105 - Reproduction Services and Fees - Word, PDF.

Indexes - 1888 to 1964

The Indexes are organized by surname initial, then by the date that the deceased's estate was dispersed. Most indexes will provide the number of the deceased's estate file. However, some indexes will only list the register and page number where the estate file number is recorded (in these cases, you must next order the appropriate register for the date when the deceased's estate was probated).

In the table below, determine the reel of microfilm that you need and note the Microfilm Reference code. Please note that many estates were not dispersed until the spouse had died. Once you have the microfilm, search for the name alphabetically, then record the estate file number. Use the file number in the NCB column.

Go to Estate Files to determine what microfilm to order to see the estate file.

Indexes - 1888 to 1964

Indexes Year(s) Archives of Ontario Microfilm Reference Number
Index 1888-1964 MS 887, Reel 68

Estate Files - 1888 to 1930

Estate files contain all the documents needed to grant Letters Probate or Letters of Administration, including the petition for probate or administration, the original signed Will, oaths of executors or administrators, tally of assets, and related evidence.

In the table below, identify the microfilm which covers the time period and estate file number relevant to your search. Use the indexes to determine the estate file number. Order the appropriate microfilm, citing the Microfilm Reference code. Once you have the microfilm, look for the estate file number, which usually appears at the beginning of each file on the docket wrapper, and may appear elsewhere throughout the file.

Estate Files - 1888 to 1930

Estate Files Year(s) Archives of Ontario Microfilm Reference Number
1-67 1888-1894 MS 887, Reel 69
68-218 1894-1902 MS 887, Reel 70
219-339 1902-1906 MS 887, Reel 1425
340-466 1906-1909 MS 887, Reel 1426
467-588 1909-1912 MS 887, Reel 1427
589-712 1912-1916 MS 887, Reel 1428
713-831 1916-1918 MS 887, Reel 1429
832-959 1918-1922 MS 887, Reel 1430
960-1085 1922-1923 MS 887, Reel 1431
1086-1201 1923-1925 MS 887, Reel 1432
1202-1309 1925-1927 MS 887, Reel 1433
1310-1395 1927-1929 MS 887, Reel 1434
1396-1482 1929-1930 MS 887, Reel 1435
1483-1508 1930 MS 887, Reel 1436

Estate Files – 1931-1970

Estate Files processed between 1931 and 1970 are with the Archives of Ontario; they have not yet been microfilmed. To order a copy of all or part of an estate file please contact us with: the estate file number; year; name of county/district; and name of the deceased. Please include: your name; address; telephone number; and a brief description of what documents you would like copied (eg. the entire file, only the will, etc.). Also, please indicate if you need the copies to be certified.

Archives of Ontario
134 Ian Macdonald Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 2C5

For details on photocopy charges, please see our Customer Service Guide 105: Reproduction Services and Fees - Word, PDF .

Estate Files – after 1970

The estate files processed after 1970 have not yet been transferred to the Archives of Ontario. You must contact the courthouse listed below which originally dealt with that court matter.

Superior Court of Justice - Estates Division
3 Dominion Street North
Bracebridge, Ontario
P1L 2E6

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