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Municipal Restructuring since 1996

Map: Ottawa-Carleton (detail)

Since the mid-1990's, expansion of urban areas, changes in responsibilities of local government and provincial government initiatives have lead to a massive wave of municipal mergers. The most important changes saw some counties and regional municipalities merge with their constituent local municipalities. As a result, the number of municipalities has been reduced by more than forty percent between 1996 and 2001, from 815 to 447.

Consult the annual Municipal Directory (published by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario) for information about these changes as well as changes that have affected local municipalities since the beginning of the 20th century. This directory can be consulted at the Archives of Ontario and in most libraries in Ontario.

The table below provides information on many of the changes that have taken place at the county or regional government level since 1996. Click on the links to view maps of pre-1998 regional municipalities.

For additional information you may also want to consult the following resources:

Municipal Restructuring since 1996 by County and Region

County/Regional municipality merged with its constituent municipalities Name of the new municipality Year of change

Brant County

(minus the City of Brantford)

City of Brant County

(the city Brantford is distinct from this new municipality)


Regional Municipality of Haldimand-Norfolk

(east half) Haldimand County

(west half) Norfolk County

(borders between the two counties are somewhat different from the pre-1973 borders)


Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth

City of Hamilton


Kent County

Municipality of Chatham-Kent


Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton

City of Ottawa


Prince Edward County

City of Prince Edward County


Regional Municipality of Sudbury

City of Greater Sudbury


Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto

City of Toronto


Victoria County

City of Kawartha Lakes


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