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The Ontario Society of Artists (OSA) is a province-wide professional association for visual artists living and working across Ontario. The OSA’s fascinating history is tied to both art education and provincial galleries, including the Ontario College for Art and Design University (OCAD U), the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and the Government of Ontario Art Collection (GOAC).
This exhibit explores these historic ties as well as contemporary donations by OSA artists to the GOAC. All artworks share a commonality in representing some aspect of Ontario as reflected through the eyes of its talented artists.

For more information about donations to the GOAC please visit our donations page. The Ontario Society of Artists continues to welcome new members.  

OSA Logo

Logo designed by OSA member Pat Dumas-Hudecki and chosen following a members’ competition to celebrate the 150th Anniversary. The translucent colours represent many diverse talents coming together,
and the overlapping letters emphasize the OSA’s connections and collaborations.

Emblem designed by Gustav Hahn

Emblem designed by Gustav Hahn and accepted following a competition among the members, 1899.
It was used from 1899 to 1946.
Both logos provided courtesy of the OSA

Contemporary Donations

Contemporary Donations

Historical Purchases

Historical Purchases

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