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Remembrance Day 2014 Online Exhibit – The Soldiers

This list represents the names of all the soldiers whose photographs appear in the Eaton’s collection. Some of the photographs were lost before they came to the Archives of Ontario, so a few names do not have accompanying portraits. To see a soldier’s portrait, search the list of names below, and copy the [ Search ID Tag ]. Paste that number into the search field below and click on “Search”.

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"M-O" Listed by Soldiers Last Name

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List of Soldiers last names starting with letter "M"

Last Names Starting with "M"

Name List
First Name Last Name Search ID Tag
Sergt. Angus Mackay I0073188
Pte. J. W.  MacKenzie I0073208
Pte. Jas. D.  Mackey I0073205
Driver R. Mackie I0073188
Pte. Greig Mackie I0073194
Pte. Donald MacLeod I0073206
Pte. J. J. MacLeod I0073203
Pte. Fred Madden I0073208
Pte. Geo.  Madden I0073327
Pte. Wm. H. Maden I0073194
Pte. L. C.  Madgwick I0073205
Corpl. Jas.  Magill I0073203
Pte. Jas.  Magill I0073206
Pte. Andw.  Mahood I0073194
Pte. Thos. Main I0073208
Sapper Jas.  Main I0073205
Pte. W. C.  Malcolm I0073206
Pte. S. Malcolmson I0073203
Q. M. S. Ernest A. C.  Manaton I0073208
Sgt. Aubrey R. Mann I0073194
Corpl. L. E. D. Manning I0073206
Pte. D. W. Marchant I0073203
Pte. Glynn J.  Markle I0073324
Gunr. Gordon H. Marks I0073194
Pte. Thos. W.  Marks I0073183
Signaller Harry Marlow I0073195
Gunner J. L. Marriner I0073208
Pte. Percival Marsh I0073208
Driver David Marshall I0073185
Pte. Andw. R. Marshall I0073206
Pte. W. H. Marshall I0073205
Bandsman A. J. Martin I0073203
Bugler Arthr. Martin I0073194
Corpl. J. H.  Martin I0073208
Pte. Norman K.  Martin I0073203
Pte. Robt. Martin I0073206
Pte. Thos.  Martin I0073195
Seaman R. R.  Martin I0073320
Signaller W. A.  Martin I0073205
Pte. George Marwood I0073194
Pte. Donald  Masson I0073205
Pte. Kenneth Matthews I0073206
Pte. A. J.  Mattless I0073323
Pte. John Maughan I0073203
Pte. M. Mawson I0073208
Pte. Harold M. May I0073205
Sergt. W. C.  May I0073186
Gunner Thos. Mayhew I0073204
Staff. Sgt. Athol D. Mayhew I0073203
Pte J Maynard I0073188
Lieut. Geo. R. T.  Mayne I0073206
Corpl. W. H.  McAdam I0073216
Pte. R.  McAllister I0073211
Pte. Jefferson  McAtee I0073207
Pte. David McAulay I0073195
Gunr. Stanley  McBirnie I0073319
Air Mech. H. McBride I0033205
Pte. Archd. C.  McBride I0073218
Seaman I.  McBride I0073321
Despatch Rider R. McCaig I0073190
Pte. Alex. M.  McCallam I0073215
Second Air Mech. Isaac  McCallum  I0073183
Pte. H.  McCann I0073216
Pte. John  McCarron I0073190
Pte. R. J.  McCarten I0073207
Pte. Sam  McCarten I0073187
Pte. A. S.  McCarthy I0073211
Pte. Harry McCartney I0073198
Pte. H.  McCauley I0033204
Pte. Thos.  McCausland I0073322
Pte. J. McClelland I0073193
Pte. H. R. McClure I0073200
Pte. J. B.  McClure I0073187
Pte. John McConaghie I0073191
Pte. G. McConnell I0073190
Lieut. Norman McCord I0073195
Pte. Chas. W.  McCormack I0073186
Corpl. Jos.  McCracken I0073187
Farrier Sgt. L.  McCracken I0073193
Pte. Wm.  McCracken I0073200
Sergt. Thos. McCracken I0073196
Pte. Jos. McCraw I0073191
Pte. Kenneth McCrea I0073193
Pte. H. A.  McCuaig I0033207
Pte. James McCubbin I0073200
Pte. W. A. McDill I0073187
Sgt. W. C.  McDonagh I0073190
Pte. Donald McDonald I0073193
Pte. Edgar McDonald I0073191
Pte. Herbert  McDonald I0073187
Pte. Hugh  McDonald I0073200
Pte. Robt. A. McDonald I0073190
Pte. Wm.  McDonald I0073191
Gunr. Wesley  McDowell I0073200
Pte. Chas. McDowell I0073193
Pte. James McDowell I0073190
Pte. John W.  McDowell I0033206
Pte. Thos. J. McDowell I0073187
Gunr. P. A.  McEachern I0073324
Pte. John M.  McEwan I0073191
Pte. Robt.  McEwan I0073193
Pte. D.  McFadgean I0073200
Sgt. Major W.  McFarlane I0073187
Gunr. James McGaw I0073191
Pte. Joe. McGeehan I0073190
Corpl. Chas. W.  McGhee I0033202
Pte. Alfred  McGhee I0033203
Pte. James  McGinpsey I0073191
Pte. Albert  McGorman I0073193
Pte. Thos.  McGovern I0073200
Driver Fred. McGrath.  I0073189
Pte. John McGregor I0073197
Pte. Oliver McGrossen I0073192
Pte. Robt. L.  McIlroy I0073188
Pte. Frank  McIlvenny  I0073200
Corpl. Thos. McJanet I0073197
Pte. Hugh McKarnan I0073185
Gunner Geo. McKay I0073198
Gunr. Ed. D.  McKay I0073198
Pte. Robt. L.  McKay I0073196
Pte. Jos. McKee I0073192
Pte. Oriel F. McKee I0073189
Pte. J. McKellar I0073197
Pte. Robt. McKelvie I0073198
Pte. D. McKendrick I0073197
Pte. G. R. McKendrick I0073192
Pte. F. C.  McKenzie I0073196
Air Mec.  McKeoun I0073318
Coy. Sgt. Maj. F. H.  McKinley I0073189
Pte. L.  McKinley I0033205
Q. M. Sgt. Jno. McKinley  I0073197
Pte. Geo. McKinnell I0073189
Capt. A. W. McKinnon I0073196
Pte. W. R. McKinnon I0073192
Pte. L.  McKinstry I0073198
Pte. Ben. H. McKnight I0073198
Pte. Robt. McKnight I0073196
Pte. Robt.  McLagen I0073192
Pte. H. R. McLean I0073189
Pte. Ronald  McLeod I0073331
Pte. Wm McLeod I0073186
Q. M. Sgt. G. A. McLeod I0073197
Pte. Thos.  McLoughlin I0073327
Gunr. J.  McManus I0073198
Air Mec. W.  McMillan I0073328
Pte. J. E.  McMillan I0073196
Pte. G. A.  McMullan I0073192
Pte. J.  McMurray I0073329
Sgt. S. R. McMurray I0073197
Pte. B.  McMurtry I0073189
Corpl. A. H. McNeilly I0073198
Corpl. L. E. D. McNeilly I0073196
Air Mech. Chas.  McPherson I0033205
Pte. E.  McPherson I0073192
Pte. R. A.  McPherson I0073189
Pte. Hugh McQueen I0073197
Air Mec. J. M.  McRoberts I0073326
Driver Roy R.  McWatters I0073325
Gunr. S.  McWhirter I0073218
Pte. E. A. Meader I0073212
Pte. N. Meadwell I0073199
Pte. F. C.  Melhuish I0073204
Pte. Cyril  Merrin I0073209
Pte. Thos. W.  Merry  I0073183
Pte. W. S.  Metcalfe I0073210
Pte. Percy Mewha I0073199
Pte. Rupert  Middlemiss I0073212
Gunner Jno. Middleton I0073199
Pte. Leo Middleton I0073185
Pte. T. S.  Milady I0033204
Gunr. Geo. Miles I0073199
Corpl. S. C.  Millage I0073211
Corpl. David  Miller I0073186
Corpl. Geo. Miller I0073204
Pte. Albert E. Miller I0073209
Pte. J. Miller I0073195
Pte. J.  Miller I0073210
Pte. J. S.  Miller I0073209
Pte. Jno. Russell Miller I0073212
Pte. P. H.  Miller I0073325
Pte. Rd. A.  Miller I0073204
Pte. Robt. Miller I0073199
Pte. Wilfred Miller I0073212
Q. M. Sgt. Geo. Miller I0073210
Bandsman Henry Mills I0073204
Pte. Chas.  Mills I0073209
Pte. F. C.  Mills I0073210
Gunr. Peter M. Milne I0073212
Bandsman S. Milner I0073209
Sgt. Leslie Mindenhall I0073210
Bandsman W. H. Missen I0073183
Pte. A. C.  Mitchell I0073204
Pte. A. H. Mitchell I0073199
Pte. Edwin Mitchell I0073185
Pte. J. A.  Mitchell I0073209
Pte. Jas. W.  Mitchell I0073210
Pte. R. M. Mitchell I0073204
Pte. W. L.  Mitchell I0073326
Pte. Wm. J. Mitchell I0073199
Sapper D. J. Mitchell I0073212
Pte. J.  Moire I0073212
Pte. Conie Monfredo I0073321
Pte. H. Montgomery I0073320
Pte. H. R. Montgomery I0073195
Pte. F. G Montjoy I0073185
Pte. G.  Moon I0073209
Pte. L. Moon I0073318
Pte. E.  Moonen I0073210
Lieut. A. J. Moore I0073195
Pte. Fred. G. Moore I0073199
Pte. W. Moore I0073209
Pte. Walter  Moore I0073186
Pte. C. F. Moore  I0073204
Signaller H. E. Moore  I0073212
Pte. Henry Moran I0073210
Pte. W. F.  Moran I0073319
Air Mech. John E. Morgan I0033202
Pte. Chas. A.  Morgan I0073216
Pte. Ed. G.  Morgan I0073218
Pte. Percy W.  Morgan I0073211
Pte. Regd.  Morgan I0073207
Pte. Wm.  Morgan I0073218
Trooper F. J.  Morgan I0073215
Pte. John  Morphet I0073218
Pte. Fred. W.  Morris I0073215
Pte. H. S.  Morris I0073216
Pte. John Morris I0073186
Pte. Jno. Morrison I0073188
Pte. W. B.  Morrison I0073211
Corpl. A. J. Morrow I0073207
Pte. R.  Morrow I0073323
Pte. Wm G. Morrow I0073188
Pte. Martin  Mortensen I0073215
Corpl. W. H.  Moses I0073216
Sgt. Major G. A. Mote I0073211
Pte. R. W.  Mountain I0073207
Pte. Sidney E.  Mowll I0073216
Pte. W. R.  Mowll I0073215
Pte. A. B. Mudge I0073211
Pte. John P.  Muff I0073207
Pte. Walter  Muir I0073218
Signaller R. Mullaney I0073215
Pte. Sidney Mullins I0073216
Pte. Geo. B Munn I0073183
Gunner R. Murphy I0073185
Pte. Jas. Murphy I0073330
Pte. M. E.  Murphy I0073322
Bandsman R. P.  Murray I0073207
Flight Lieut. G. M. Murray I0073215
Pte. Herbert M. Murray I0073218
Pte. Albert S. Musgrove I0073216
Pte. J. C. Muskett I0073211
Pte. Gordon Mustard I0073207
Pte. E. W.  Mutton I0073218
Air Mech. E. R.  Myers I0033203
Pte. C. L.  Myers I0073215

List of Soldiers last names starting with letter "N"

Last Names Starting with "N"

Name List
First Name Last Name Search ID Tag
Pte. Fredk. H. Nash I0073329
Pte. Stanley  Neal I0073219
Pte. Victor Neil I0073222
Sgt. Thos. A. Nelson I0073222
Pte. A. Nero I0073220
Sgt. John  Nesbitt I0073220
Pte. Thoms.  Nevin I0073219
Gunr. F. C.  New I0073222
Pte. Wm. G.  Newitt I0033202
Pte. F. C.  Newland I0073224
Pte. R. W.  Newman I0073222
Pte E. S.  Newton I0073220
Pte. Chas.  Newton I0073220
Trooper M.  Newton I0073219
Pte. Fred D.  Nichol I0073221
Corpl. G. L.  Nichols I0073222
Pte. C. F.  Nichols I0073331
Pte. J. L.  Nicholson I0073330
Gunr. Wm.  Nickol I0073327
Pte. Wm. H.  Nix I0073222
Pte. David A.  Nixon I0073220
Pte. Fred C.  Nixon I0073221
Sgt. Scott  Nixon I0073220
Pte. Fred W.  Noble I0073219
Pte. R.  Noble I0073223
Air Mech. W. H.  Norcup I0033207
Pte. Ernest R. Norman I0073222
Pte. S.   Norman I0073222
Pte. Arthur F.  Norris I0073226
Pte. W. H.  Northmore  I0073220
Pte. Jos. E.  Norwich I0073224
Lance Corpl. F. Nugent I0073220
Pte. Wm. A.  Nugent I0033204
Pte. Clifford  Nurse I0073328
Pte. Ed.  Nurse I0033203
Sgt. James  Nye I0073223

List of Soldiers last names starting with letter "O"

Last Names Starting with "O"

Name List
First Name Last Name Search ID Tag
Pte. Walter  Oakley I0073223
Pte. L.  O'Connell I0073319
Signaller G. J.  O'Connell I0073223
Pte. Henry  Offenburger I0073221
Pte. Geo. Wm.  Ogg I0073224
Pte. J.  Oggston I0073226
Pte. W.  Ogston I0073225
Pte. Wm.  Oldfield I0073221
Sapper G. H.  Olliver I0073221
Sgt. R. H.  Olliver I0073224
Air Mech. M. E.  Olmstead I0033207
Pte. Daniel  Olsen I0073223
Pte. Fred. L.  Olsen I0073226
Sgt. Ole Olsen I0073225
Bombdr. G. R.  O'Malley I0073221
Pte. Wm. C.  Orchard I0073224
Pte. Fred  Orrett I0073226
Gunr. W. C.  Osborn I0073223
Pte. R.  Osborn I0073221
Sgt. Wm. G. Osborn I0073225
Bandsman W. Osborne I0073224
Pte. B. O.  Osmond I0033205
Pte. Ed. L.  Owen I0073223