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Remembrance Day 2014 Online Exhibit – The Soldiers

This list represents the names of all the soldiers whose photographs appear in the Eaton’s collection. Some of the photographs were lost before they came to the Archives of Ontario, so a few names do not have accompanying portraits. To see a soldier’s portrait, search the list of names below, and copy the [ Search ID Tag ]. Paste that number into the search field below and click on “Search”.

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Soldier Picture based on Search ID Tag

"P-R" Listed by Soldiers Last Name

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List of Soldiers last names starting with letter "P"

Last Names Starting with "P"

Name List
First Name Last Name Search ID Tag
Pte. Van Paassen I0073333
Corpl. Albert  Page I0073228
Pte. F. W.  Page I0073223
Air Mech. H. G.  Palmer I0033204
Pte. A. J.  Palmer I0073221
Pte. Arthur Palmer I0073224
Pte. Ed. A. Palmer I0073226
Pte. Geo. Palmer I0073231
Pte. S. T.  Palmer I0073225
Pte. Wm. Palmer I0073232
Pte. D. B.  Pargeter I0073238
Pte. F. O. Park I0073237
Pte. Allan C. Parker I0073232
Pte. Ed. J. Parker I0073231
Pte. Geo. A.  Parker I0073238
Pte. John W.  Parker I0073226
Trooper J. H.  Parker I0073237
Pte. John H. Parks I0073231
Pte. F. E. Parshow I0073232
Pte. W. S.  Pashler I0073238
Pte. Jas.  Patten I0073237
Pte. L.  Patterson I0073232
Pte. R.  Patterson I0073237
Pte. R. W.  Patterson I0073238
Seaman J. G. Patterson I0073326
Signaller A. E.  Patterson I0073231
Seaman W. R.  Patton I0073224
Gunr. Donald Pavey I0073232
Pte. A.  Payne I0073238
Pte. James Payne I0073226
Trooper L.  Payne I0073237
Lieut. Albert  Peach I0033203
Lance Corp. C. H. Pearce I0073237
Pte. W. C.  Pearce I0073231
Air Mech. R. H.  Peare I0033202
Pte. Harold  Pearl I0033207
Gunr. John Peat I0073232
Pte. Aubrey  Peat I0073231
Pte. Richd.  Peat I0073238
Pte. Walter  Peck I0073219
Air Mech. H. W. Pedwell I0033205
Pte. Joseph Peers I0073232
Gunr. W. H. Peglar I0073238
Pte. T. H.  Pendrick I0073326
Lance Corp. Joe  Penton I0073217
Pte. John  Penton I0073235
Sgt. Leslie A. W. Pepperdene I0073234
Sgt. Harry Peppiatt I0073236
Corpl. Andrew Percy I0073233
Bugler Wm.  Perkins I0073228
Bandsman C. W.  Perret I0073227
Lance Corpl. R. W.  Perry I0073229
Pte. Walter  Perry I0073230
Bugler Herbert  Peters I0073219
Pte. Robt. F. V. Peters I0073229
Pte. W. K.  Peters I0073228
Trooper C.  Peterson I0073227
Pte. D. J. Pettigrew I0073330
Pte. Geo. Phair I0073237
Gunner G. A.  Phillips I0073228
Pte. F. W.  Phillips I0073335
Pte. Fred. G.  Phillips I0073332
Pte. Geo.  Phyres I0073330
Pte. J. W.  Picken I0073231
Pte. Percy Pickett I0073232
Pte. D. Piggott I0073238
Pte. Geo. Pike I0073237
Pte. Paul Pilliet I0073235
Corpl. A. R.  Pippy I0073225
Pte. Wm. A.  Pitt I0073227
Pte. F. H.  Pitts I0073234
Pte. W. R.  Place I0073236
Pte. Wm. E.  Pogue I0073236
Pte. Alex  Pollack I0073225
Pte. F. D.  Polland I0073217
Pte. D. Pollock I0073235
Bugler Colin D. Poole I0073233
Bugler Jos. Gordon Poole I0073217
Pte. R. Poole I0073234
Pte. Samuel  Poole I0073235
Pte. T. D.  Poole I0073236
Lance Corpl. E. C. Pooley I0073233
Pte. Owen Popert I0073234
Air Mech. W.  Porter I0073324
Pte. Joseph  Porter I0073331
Pte. Samuel  Porter I0073233
Gunr. H. F.  Potter I0073217
Pte. Harold R.  Potts I0073234
Pte. W. A.  Potts I0073235
Pte. Kenneth J.  Pound I0073236
Corpl. John  Powell I0073233
Gunr. Harry W.  Powell I0073328
Pte. John  Powell I0073227
Pte. W. H.  Powers I0073217
Sapper Harry  Powers I0073334
Sgt. Alfred R.  Poyntz I0073230
Pte. Ed.  Pratt I0073235
Driver Reg. S.  Price I0073233
Driver W. T.  Price I0073236
Pte. W. G.  Price I0073234
Pte. Chas.  Pritchard I0073217
Sgt. W. J.  Proudman I0073235
Pte. Paul  Prudham I0073329
Pte. Russell  Prudham I0073234
Gunr. Thos.  Pryce I0073322
Pte. W. H.  Pryce I0073236
Pte. Victor T. Puddy  I0073233
Pte. Harold W.  Pullen I0073217
Pte. Clarence D. Purdy I0073235
Pte. H.  Purpur I0073234
Coy. Sgt. Maj. W. J. Purvis I0073236
Driver N. W.  Purvis I0073230
Pte. Thos. Putt I0073233

List of Soldiers last names starting with letter "Q"

Last Names Starting with "Q"

Name List
First Name Last Name Search ID Tag
Pte. Alfred Quarrington I0073229
Pte. Geo.  Quayle I0073230
Lce. Cpl. F. L.  Querenguesser I0073325
Signaller Fred F.  Quigley I0073219
Pte. J. Quinn I0073219

List of Soldiers last names starting with letter "R"

Last Names Starting with "R"

Name List
First Name Last Name Search ID Tag
Pte. Harold  Rabjohns I0073228
Corpl. Harry M. Radcliffe I0073255
Driver Ernest  Radcliffe I0073255
Pte. J.  Radcliffe I0073227
Signaller Mac Radcliffe I0073230
Pte. Alex  Rainey I0073229
Gunr. Wincenty Raisofsky I0073331
Sgt. John C.  Ramsden I0073242
Pte. A.  Rands I0073228
Pte. A. C.  Rands I0073227
Pte. Chas. Ranesbottom I0073253
Pte. Neil  Rankin I0073331
Bandsman G.  Ratcliffe I0073253
Capt. Wm. C.  Ratcliffe I0073229
Pte. Geo. A.  Ratcliffe I0073230
Corpl. Geo. G.  Rawlinson I0073242
Corpl. Gordon  Rayner I0073228
Pte. R. Rea I0073227
Pte. John D. Redpath I0073242
Pte. Geo. H.  Reed I0073229
Pte. C. A.  Reese  I0073228
Driver P.  Reesor I0073242
Lance Corp. T. W.  Reeve I0073230
Pte. Chas. H. Reeve I0073227
Driver Loftus  Reeves I0073229
Pte. Albert W.  Reid I0073250
Pte. H. M.  Reid I0073247
Pte. Harold Reid I0073240
Pte. Jas. P. Reid I0073248
Pte. John  Reid I0073250
Pte. Sydney Reid I0073245
Pte. W. C.  Reid I0073256
Pte. W. S. G. Reid I0073247
Sgt. C. D.  Reid I0073245
Bugler Victor  Repath I0073240
Driver Herb. Reynolds I0073248
Pte. H.  Reynolds I0073242
Gunner Norman  Richards I0073249
Pte. Leslie F. Richards I0073250
Pte. S. G.  Richardson I0073329
Sgt. Wm. O.  Richardson I0073245
Lieut. Henry  Richmond I0073247
Pte. Thos. Ridings I0073240
Pte. David G.  Riley I0073248
Pte. Chas. R. Rimgrose I0073250
Sapper Christoper Risclay I0073328
Pte. C.  Riseley I0073335
Pte. D. R.  Ritchie I0073245
Pte. Hugh G.  Ritchie I0073247
Pte. T. A.  Ritchie I0073240
Sapper Cecil Ritchie I0073327
Pte. F. W.  Rivers I0073248
Pte. Frank  Rivers I0073333
Pte. J.  Robb I0073250
Pte. James Robb I0073245
Pte. Robert Robb I0073244
Pte. Robt. J. Robb I0073241
Pte. Mark Robbins I0073248
Pte. C. T.  Roberts I0073243
Pte. John E. Roberts I0073249
Pte. Victor Roberts I0073250
Staff Sgt. B. P.  Roberts I0073252
Bandsman R. W. M.  Robertson I0073241
Corpl. James Robertson I0073244
Pte. S. Robertson I0073246
Pte. T.  Robinette I0073239
Gunner Roy  Robinson I0073256
Pte. Harold  Robinson I0073243
Pte. Thos.  Robinson I0073326
Seaman D. Robinson I0073332
Bandsman Jas. Rock I0073244
Pte. A. J.  Rodway I0073241
Pte. C. Rodway I0073246
Driver A. V.  Rogers I0073239
Gunr. A. M.  Rogerson I0073244
Pte. Bertie Rook I0073243
Driver Smelling Roper I0073252
Driver C. F.  Rose I0073241
Pte. Percy  Rose I0073246
Gunr. Harry S.  Ross I0073239
Pte. David  Ross I0073243
Sergt. J. R.  Ross I0073334
Pte. Robt.  Rothwell I0073244
Pte. R. S. Rowan I0073330
Driver James Rowe I0073246
Pte. Bernard J.  Rowe I0073241
Sgt. William  Rowe I0073243
Sgt. John  Rowland I0073239
Sgt. Alex. Rowney I0073244
Sapper F. W.  Rumbell I0073241
Pte. L. C.  Rumsey I0073246
Pte. John R.  Ruse I0073256
Pte. H.  Rushforth I0073255
Sgt. William  Russ I0073252
Pte. Frank  Russel I0073253
Lieut. S. F Russell I0073249
Trooper W. Y.  Ryan I0073256
Driver Geo. Rymal I0073252