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Remembrance Day 2014 Online Exhibit – The Soldiers

This list represents the names of all the soldiers whose photographs appear in the Eaton’s collection. Some of the photographs were lost before they came to the Archives of Ontario, so a few names do not have accompanying portraits. To see a soldier’s portrait, search the list of names below, and copy the [ Search ID Tag ]. Paste that number into the search field below and click on “Search”.

Soldier Search Box

Put Soldier Search ID Tag from the Name List Below (without any space):

After pressing search , please CLICK on the picture to ENLARGE it.

Soldier Picture based on Search ID Tag

"Y-Z" Listed by Soldiers Last Name

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List of Soldiers last names starting with letter "Y"

Last Names Starting with "Y"

Name List
First Name Last Name Search ID Tag
Sapper Joseph  Yeates I0073293
Pte. A. J.  Yells I0073294
Pte. J.  Young I0073296
Pte. Melville L. Young I0073295
Pte. Wm. J.  Young I0073292
Pte. Andrew  Yule I0073293

"Z"Alphabet Last Name Soldiers with Search ID Tag in Alphabetical Order

No Names Available in this Alphabet