About the Archives of Ontario

Since 1903 the Archives of Ontario has been providing innovative leadership in collecting, managing and preserving the records of the Government of Ontario and promoting and facilitating their use by present and future generations.

The Archives of Ontario is the second largest archives in Canada and provides a window into the past for all Ontarians, connecting us with our ancestors, our communities and our government.

Our customers have access to a unique and multi-faceted collection that includes records dating back to the late 16th century and contains everything from hand-written ledgers to electronic files, hand-drawn maps, architectural drawings, photographs, films and sound recordings.

Through this website and our public service facility we encourage Ontarians and others to take advantage of this rich heritage.

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Video about the Archives of Ontario

Introduction Video-Archives of Ontario

While our own memories may fade, the records held by the Archives are true and lasting testaments to the activities, beliefs and principles of those who came before us. For a brief introduction watch the video to the right.

<a href="http://www.videodelivery.gov.on.ca/player/download.php?file=http://intra.net.gov.on.ca/mds/internal/ac7c2819cf49af27/en/transcripts/page.html" title="Transcript">Transcript</a>

Video-Legislative Proceedings

Video-Legislative Proceedings

Transcript For Legislative Proceeding Video

As part of the Government of Ontario, the Archives came up as a question topic in the Legislature. Watch this video excerpt from the legislative proceedings on February 20, 2014.