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An Overview of the Collection

Strategic Roadmap 2016/17 to 2019/20

The following four strategic priorities aim to respond to current challenges and government priorities and improve access and use of government information.


Easier access to and increased use of government information

Help Ontarians to get simple integrated access to records and information held by the government.

  • Make it easier for the public to find and use the government of Ontario’s information
  • Make openness and inclusion fundamental to customer experiences
  • Increase awareness and use of information
  • Survey stakeholders and respond to their expectations

Enterprise leadership in recordkeeping, access and privacy

Public records are efficiently managed to support an open, evidence-based and digital government.

  • Develop a comprehensive framework for effective programs across the Ontario Public Service
  • Ensure core practices are effective and implementable in an open and digital-first government
  • Ensure that professionals have the right skills and knowledge and are supported to effectively undertake their work in an open and digital-first government
  • Ensure that Ontario Public Service staff are aware of their responsibilities in managing government information

Efficient, integrated and sustainable business model

Standardize and streamline services.

  • Develop and support operational improvements that streamline and enable business activities
  • Realign and transform customer services to enhance delivery of information management
  • Integrate our distinct divisional identities to improve collaboration
  • Cultivate a sustainable division to engage in strategic partnerships and seek creative solutions

Enhanced digital capacity

Strengthen our capacity to receive, manage, preserve and provide access to digital records.

  • Establish and enhance IT infrastructure
  • Modernize processes and practices
  • Be responsive, explore and embrace technological advancements
  • Invest in staff development and build digital competencies

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