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Description of a Group of Records

The Archives’ collection includes historical records of provincial significance created by individuals as well as organizations such as associations, community groups, clubs, businesses and unions.

These archival records are organized into groups, called fonds or collections, according to the person, family or organization that created them.  Fonds or collections may be further sub-divided into groups called series and sub-series.

For more information see How Non-government records are Organized.

What information is contained in a description of a group of records?

A description of a group of records is divided into two sections:

About these Records

This section of the description answers such questions as:

  • What is this material?
  • What personal or organizational activity led to the creation of this material?
  • How much material is in this group and what is the format of this material?
  • When was this material created?
  • Are there any restrictions on access?

How to View these Records

This section of a description provides information about how you can order these records so that you can view them in one of our reading rooms.  It may:

  • direct you to view an online list of the series so that you can order the particular files or items that you require to one of our reading rooms
  • provide you with a links to related descriptions within the fonds or collection
  • direct you to contact a reference archivist for more information about how to access these records
  • let you know if these records have been microfilmed and are available for borrowing through the Archives’ Microfilm Interloan Service.

For more information see Requesting and Viewing Archival Records.