Education Workshops at the Archives of Ontario

Preserving the Past: Archives for Primaries, Grade 3

Photograph of Teacher and students, Holland Marsh

This workshop is designed as a fun and interactive way to introduce your students to the role archives and primary sources play for learning history. To begin their visit, students will get an introduction to and behind-the-scenes tour of the Archives of Ontario. Archives staff will introduce students to the concept of an archive, primary sources, and ways archives keep primary sources safe. Students will then participate in a hands-on activity where they will piece together an ‘unpreserved’ document and be encouraged to think about the importance of preserving other primary sources for the future.

Curriculum Connections

This workshop aligns with the

Students will be involved with different components of the Inquiry Process by:

  • Formulating questions
  • Gathering and organizing information, evidence, and/or data
  • Interpreting and analysing information, evidence, and/or data
  • Evaluating information, evidence, and/or data and drawing conclusions
  • Communicating findings

Travelling Modifications

In a travelling format, with a 60 minute time frame, this workshop will begin with an introduction to the Archives of Ontario and our role in collecting and preserving primary source material. Students will then be lead through an activity where they will reconstruct primary sources that have been damaged by poor preservation.

To book an onsite visit, complete a Booking Request Form [PDF] and a member of our team will get back to you to confirm details.