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Motion Pictures: Immigration Films from the Vaults of Toronto’s Archives

When: 6 p.m., Thursday, March 8
Where: Palmerston Theatre, Toronto Public Library – Palmerston Library, 560 Palmerston Ave, Toronto, ON.

How is the experience of immigration and making home in Toronto represented in film?

The Archives of Ontario, in collaboration with York University Libraries’ Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections and The Regent Park Film Festival’s Home Made Visible project, is hosting a film screening event that will explore the ways in which the medium has contributed to Toronto’s narrative of multiculturalism, and how one project is preserving the home movie footage of Indigenous and Visible Minority Canadians.

Motion Pictures

The event will feature a diverse set of short films held in the collections of the Archives of Ontario and the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections. From works recognizing the cultural contributions of immigrant communities to intimate first-person accounts documenting the struggles and successes of earlier waves of immigration, these films demonstrate the role of moving images within the creation and dissemination of stories of immigration in Toronto and Ontario, and the integral functions of Toronto-area archives in the preservation of such films.

The event will also feature a short presentation by Home Made Visible, an innovative project that works with Indigenous and Visible Minority Canadians to preserve their personal history by digitizing their movies and sharing their stories – for themselves and their communities.

Part of the Myseum of Toronto’s 2018 Intersections Festival.

We hope to see you there!