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Dawn Mills C. W. Nov. 22nd 1852

Rev. E. Ryerson d.d.

you will please pardon me for the liberty I have taken in appealing to you for redress, for the bad treatment I have receiv,d from the majority of the trustees of School Section No. 3 in the Township of Camden County of Kent. I have used every respectful effort in my power with them to have my son eleven years of age admitted into the above named school, but all to no purpose. They say, that I am a Black man and that it would be presumtion in me to contend for my son to go to school among white children though I am among the largest tax payers in the said school section. The amt of taxes that I am charged with and have paid this year was $17.00 less a few pence. Besides 12 days statuted Labour I am the owner three hundred acres of land of which between 80 – 90 acres under cultivation situated nearly in the centre of said school section, and to be debarr,d from my Rights of school privilege for no other crime than that my skin is a few shades darker than some of my neighbours, I do think it unfair and at the same these same Trustees, have invited white children, out of the Township and they even as far as invite some whites of the adjoining county to attend the said school and so enjoy the privilege of sending as many scholars as they please and the whole of that party put together so pay but a little more taxes than I do the above are facts therefore will you be so kind as to instruct me how to proceed & how I shall arrange matter so as to give my children their education, for I cannot let them grow up in ignorance. Be so good, most Rev (Sir) as to let me here from you by the earliest opportunity.

your most Humble and obedient ser't
(signed) Dennis Hill

P.S.     address Dawn Mills
            Canada West

Letter to Chief Superintendent for Education, Egerton Ryerson,
from Dennis Hill, November 22, 1852
Alvin D. McCurdy fonds
Reference Code: RG 2-12
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