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What vital statistics microfilm does the Archives hold?

The Archives of Ontario has the Indexes (where they exist) and Registration Books from the Office of the Registrar General of Ontario for:

  • Births registrations and indexes on microfilm– 1869 -1917

  • Births registrations online, at www.familysearch.org[ca. 1830]-1912, predominantly 1869-1912 (note: these records include registrations for a small number of pre-1869 births)

  • Birth registrations online, at www.ancestry.ca – 1869-1913

  • Marriage registrations and indexes on microfilm – [ca. 1801]-1932

  • Marriage registrations online, at www.familysearch.org–[ca. 1801]-1927

  • Marriage registrations online, at www.ancestry.ca– [ca. 1801-1857] and 1869-1937

  • County marriage registers transcriptions (no image of registrations), online at www.ancestry.ca - [ca. 1858-1869]

  • Death registrations and indexes on microfilm - 1869-1942 plus deaths of Ontarians overseas, 1939-1947

  • Death registrations online, at www.familysearch.org1869-1937 plus deaths of Ontarians overseas, 1939-1947

  • Death registrations online, at www.ancestry.ca1869-1947,  plus deaths of Ontarians overseas, 1939-1947

For birth registrations after 1917, marriage registrations after 1937 and death registrations after 1947, you must contact the Office of the Registrar General.

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What information is recorded in the Registrations?

The information below was requested but was not always recorded in the Registration. The information given to the Registrar and/or the data recorded can be incomplete, entered on the wrong line, or incorrect.

Information Recorded in Registrations

Event Information Recorded

(Pre-1869, and July 1869-1917)

Year of birth
Father's name
Mother's maiden name
Father's rank or occupation
Signature and residence of informant (usually a relative)
Accoucheur's name (person assisting with the birth)
Registration date
Registrar's signature
County or District of registration (an exact city, town or township is normally not given for the earliest years)

(1801-June 1869)

The information recorded varies widely and can be very limited in the early years (e.g. name of groom, bride, and clergy; location, date, and religion of ceremony).

(July 1869-1937)

About each person:
Place of residence and of birth
Marital status (bachelor/ widower; spinster/ widow)
Fathers' name
Mothers' maiden name
Religious denomination

About the marriage:
Location (not of the church but of the town or township)
Witnesses' names and residences
Name of clergy conducting the marriage
Whether by issuance of a marriage license or publication of banns
Registration date

(July 1869-1947)

Religious affiliation
Rank or profession
Birth place
Cause of death
Name and description of informant
Registrar's name
Date registered
County or District of registration

After 1907, the burial place, father's name, mother's maiden name, and more information regarding cause of death and reporting physician were also requested. This information was not always included.

If you have never seen a registration before you may wish to view our examples of Birth, Marriage and Death registrations.

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How do I find a particular Birth, Marriage or Death Registration?

Due to limited resources and very high demand, the Archives of Ontario is not able to perform searches and provide copies of registrations. You must perform your own search by doing one of the following:

  • Borrowing the indexes and registrations that you require through our Microfilm Interloan Service. This service allows you to order microfilmed records through a public library or another institution that is part of the interlibrary loan system. The Vital Statistics main page is designed to help you find the microfilm reels that you need.

  • Borrowing the indexes and registrations that you require through FamilySearch. To learn more about the records they hold and how to locate the centre nearest to you, visit the FamilySearch website , contact your local public library, or call 1-800-346-6044 (North America only). You must visit the Centres as they do not accept written enquiries. Telephone first to confirm their hours.

  • Hiring an independent researcher to perform a search for you. Please see Archives of Ontario Customer Service Guide 111 - Genealogical Researchers in Ontario - [Word, PDF]

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How can I access more recent vital statistics?

For Births 1918-present, Marriages 1938-present, and Deaths 1948-present, you must contact:

Office of the Registrar General
189 Red River Road
P.O. Box 4800
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Canada P7B 6L8

- Metropolitan Toronto residents call: 416-325-8305.
- Ontario residents outside Metropolitan Toronto: 1-800-461-2156 (toll-free).
- Outside Ontario: 416-325-8305.
- Online at www.serviceontario.ca

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