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York County Coroner Investigations and Inquests

RG 22-5895

Scope and Content

From 1792 until 1962 the Clerk of the Peace/Crown Attorney in every district and county maintained Coroner’s records locally. These records are part of the Ministry of the Attorney General and its predecessor the Department of the Attorney General. From 1963 the Office of the Chief Coroner in Toronto maintains Coroner’s records centrally, which is now part of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (predecessor, Solicitor General and Correctional Services). Under the Coroners Act (Statutes of Ontario 1927, chap. 122), Coroners in Ontario had the authority to call an inquest whenever someone died suddenly or unexpectedly, while an inmate in a provincial facility, or of an illness for which a physician was not treating them.

This series consists of files, kept by the Crown Attorney for York County, relating to Coroners' investigations. The files are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the subject of the inquest.

York County Coroner Investigations and Inquests - RG 22-5895

Description Years Archives of Ontario Microfilm Reference
Angus to Wilson 1877 MS 7555
Adamson to Hunter 1878
Jeffrey to Young 1878 MS 7556
Allen to Lunn 1879
McFie to Woods 1879 MS 7557
Bennett to Whittaker 1880
Baker to Walker 1881 MS 7558
Bibby to Wiseman 1882
Avery to Wilson 1883
Black to Williamson 1884 MS 7559
Adden to Wallace 1886
Abbott to Unknown (Male Infant) 1887 MS 7560
Allen to Grahame 1888
Green to Wright 1888 MS 7561
Aber to Moore 1889
Payne to Woods 1889 MS 7562
Alexander to Sapenski 1890
Scarlett to Young 1890 MS 7563
Bentley to Wright 1891
Acton to York 1892 MS 7564
Amorelle to Mathews 1893
McCutcheon to Windsor 1893 MS 7565
Bacon to Stonier 1894
Thomas (Infant) to Yewman 1894 MS 7566
Adams to Gray 1895
Haacke to Webb 1895 MS 7567

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