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Corporations and Groups

Archives Association of Ontario

In May 2007, the Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) donated records to complement the existing historical records of the Association already at the Archives of Ontario. The AAO represents archival institutions, all those working in archives, as well as users and supporters of archives and provides its members with guidelines and continued training in retention and preservation of Ontario's historical records and heritage. Records in this donation are available as part of the Archives Association of Ontario fonds (F 2090).

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Association of Administrative Assistants

In August 2007 the Association of Administrative Assistants donated records, that form an accrual to the Association fo Administrative Assistants fonds (F 1288). The Association, formed in 1951 and incorporated in 1952, promotes the opportunity for the self-advancement of administrative assistants, to make available to them facilities for cultural achievement, and to increase their educational opportunities. This most recent donation, for the period 1960-2002, augments such series as Letters Patent, Constitution and Bylaws; Minutes; and the Association's newsletter Communique.

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Board of Examiners in Sex Therapy and Counselling in Ontario

In July 2007 the Board of Examiners in Sex Therapy and Counselling in Ontario (BESTCO) donated their records to the Archives of Ontario. Established in 1975, BESTCO is a multidisciplinary, self-regulating association of specialized sex therapists. In the absence of government legislation regarding sex therapy, BESTCO operates as an accrediting board to develop and implement criteria by which sex therapists in Ontario would deem to be qualified as Registered Sex Therapists. Membership consists of doctors, psychologists, social workers, theologians and nurses across 15 Ontario cities. Records in the donation primarily relate to the accreditation of members. Also included are Board minutes and correspondence with other associations.

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Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) Archives

In October 2009 Christina Stewart of the CNE Archives donated to the Archives of Ontario seven motion picture films that had been produced by Pallette Productions for the Ontario government in the 1960s and 1970s. The CNE Archives' donation helps to provide a more complete series of government motion picture films in the Archives of Ontario's holdings.

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Canadian Pensioners Concerned Incorporated, Ontario Division fonds

The Canadian Pensioners Concerned Incorporated, Ontario Division fonds was donated to the Archives in November 2011. Canadian Pensioners Concerned Incorporated (CPC) is an organization founded in Ontario in 1969. It is a provincial and national membership-based, non-partisan, voluntary, advocacy organization of seniors committed to preserving and enhancing a human-centred vision of life for citizens of all ages. Records consist of the general operational records of CPC Ontario and include meeting minutes, financial records, programming files, publications, and other materials documenting the origins and activities of the organization.

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Cancer Care Ontario

In October 2007, Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) donated its historical records. Cancer Care Ontario is the provincial agency responsible for continually improving cancer services since 1943 for Ontario residents. The documents in this donation essentially consist of a historical collection brought together by CCO staff who are interested in preserving the agencys history. These include: agency annual reports, 1944-2004; minutes of board and committee meetings, 1944-1998; reports of Commissions, 1932-1997; documents relating to Regional Cancer Centres; programs and photographs from the biennial Couchiching Conferences; copies of legislation, agreements, etc., 1938-2004; photographs, 1931-1961; publications, 1926-2004; staff biographies, 1945-2004; audio-visual material, 1991-1996; and other documents. In June 2009 Elham Roushani, Vice President, Finance and Human Resources, of Cancer Care Ontario, donated records that add to the Cancer Care Ontario fonds (F 4559). The records consist of board and committee minutes and correspondence as well as other administrative records of the agency's Kingston branch.

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CARFAC Ontario

CARFAC Ontario (Canadian Artists' Representation/ le Font des artistes canadiens) first donated their records to the Archives of Ontario in 2002, a second donation followed in 2008. CARFAC is incorporated federally as a non-profit corporation and is the national voice of Canada's visual artists; CARFAC Ontario is the provincial body of CARFAC. The CARFAC Ontario fonds (F 4403) consists of the general operational records of Canadian Artists Representation Ontario. This includes correspondence, minutes and research material relating to all aspects of its activities. The major focus of the records is the protection of economic rights of arts creators in dealing with galleries and government agencies.

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CFPL-TV Division of CHUM Ltd

In 2002 and 2005 CFPL-TV Division of CHUM Ltd donated over 20 years and over 1,000 hours of their television newsfilm to the Archives of Ontario, available as the CFPL-TV fonds (F 4396). CFPL Television started broadcasting in London, Ontario on November 28, 1953, the second privately licensed television station to go on the air in Canada. The station is currently known as A London. This newsfilm, spanning from first date of broadcast in 1953 to 1974, provides a comprehensive and complete record of their newscasts and has been preserved over the station's almost fifty years of operation. The donations include daily news, the Mid-Week Magazine, farm shows, Panorama, The World Around Us, Public Affairs Specials, Greening Up, Medical Films and other special news programs together with accompanying scripts and other program documentation. The donation also includes their year end news programs from 1954 to 1978. CFPL-TV Division of CHUM Ltd. also generously provided funds for processing the films and scripts.

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CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) Ontario

CUPE Ontario made a further contribution of records documenting their organization in 2004. Formed in 1963, CUPE Ontario establishes provincial policies for Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) union locals in Ontario, assists in implementing national policies at the provincial level, and acts as a co-ordinating body for the locals within a province. This 2004 donation forms an accrual to the CUPE Ontario fonds (F 1289), with records available from the CUPE Ontario's beginning in 1963 to 1994.

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Dairy Farmers of Ontario

In 2007 the Dairy Farmers of Ontario made a second donation of their records to the Archives, following shortly after their first donation in 2005. The Dairy Farmers of Ontario was formed in August of 1995 following a merger between the Ontario Milk Marketing Board and the Ontario Cream Producers board, which themselves are part of a century-long tradition of cooperation between Ontario dairy farmers. This donation consists of organizational records, Board minutes and correspondence documenting the predecessor marketing boards, associations and co-operatives that eventually came together to make up what is today the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, including the Ontario Cheese Patrons (later Producers) Association, Ontario Whole Milk Producers League, Ontario Concentrated Milk Producers Association, and many other local and provincial bodies. These records, available as the Dairy Farmers of Ontario fonds (F 4464), capture the growth of Ontarios largest farming sector, and are a unique and valuable addition to the Archives of Ontarios agricultural records holdings.

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Easter Seals Ontario

In 2008 Easter Seals Ontario donated its records, the Easter Seals Ontario fonds (F 4571). Easter Seals Ontario has assisted children, youth and young adults with physical disabilities since its founding in 1922 as the Ontario Society for Crippled Children. Its fundraising goes directly to supporting a variety of service programs which includes financial assistance, overnight camp, recreational program funding, public awareness, information and resources throughout the province. The donated records primarily document the fundraising and promotional activities of the organization and affiliated service clubs, particularly in the form of films, videos, posters and photographs. The fonds also contains records relating to direct delivery of services, provision of financial support to community-based service providers, and administration of the organization and camping sites and programs.

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Edmonton-Toronto Redemptorists

In November 2010 the Edmonton-Toronto Redemptorists donated the records of one of their former members, the Reverend Matthew Meehan. Father Meehan had a lengthy vocation as a program host, writer and producer of religious radio and television programs in Ontario, as well writing articles and columns in print media. He began his radio broadcasting work with CBC (Toronto) in 1947, then with CHML (Hamilton), and in 1957 he was invited to do a television program for CHCH-TV (Hamilton). His programs centred on family and social issues. The donation from the Redemptorist Archives includes film and video recordings of broadcasts as well as scripts, articles and other records related to Father Meehan's broadcasting career.

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ENVision - The Hough Group

ENVision-The Hough Group Limited fonds (F 4521) was donated to the Archives of Ontario in June of 2007 by the firm's Principal, Eha Mai Naylor. A second donation followed in 2008. The donated records consist of project records documenting numerous contracts undertaken or proposed to be undertaken by ENVision-The Hough Group and its various predecessor incarnations in the areas of landscape architecture, design, urban design and renewal, environmental assessments, community planning, ecological design and restoration, and recreation and tourism planning. The donation also includes also project records created by Michael Hough as an independent landscape architect and designer. The nature of the projects documented in this fonds include: residential landscaping services, landscaping and design of provincial parks and recreational centres, environmental assessment, protection and restoration measures for harbourfront and park areas, interior and exterior landscaping and design of government, corporate buildings and educational centres such as federal administration buildings, insurance company buildings, and universities and other schools. The donation of this landscape architecture and design firm's records greatly adds to the architectural collections of the Archives of Ontario.

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Halifax Regional Municipality Archives

In 2010 Susan McClure, Municipal Archivist, forthe Halifax Regional Municipality Archives, donated a 1901 topographical map of the main channel of the French River. This map complements similar maps in the Archives' cartographic collection.

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Hampshire Record Office, Winchester U.K.

In 2007 the Hampshire Record Office, Winchester, U.K. donated Ontario souvenir photographs and postcards, depicting views of tourist sites in Niagara as well as unique aerial views of Toronto, Brockville, Montreal, Oshawa and Kingston.

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Hike Ontario

In 2006 Hike Ontario donated its records, the Hike Ontario fonds (F 4497), to the Archives. The donation includes constitution and incorporation papers, minutes, records of conferences, hike leader training records, and other records related to its programs. Formed in 1974, Hike Ontario is a not-for-profit provincial umbrella organization that represents the interests of hikers and walkers in Ontario. Their mission is to provide support, education and representation while promoting hiking and walking in Ontario.

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Hospital Auxiliaries Association of Ontario

In September 2010, Margaret Smith, historian for the Hospital Auxiliaries Association of Ontario, donated additional administrative records, photographs and publications of the Association. This donation brings the Archives' holdings of the Hospital Auxiliaries Association of Ontario (F 4315) up to 2005.

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Hungarian Studies Association of Canada

The Hungarian Studies Association of Canada donated its records to the Archives in 2005 and 2007. The Hungarian Studies Association of Canada, established in 1984, is a scholarly organization devoted to the study of Hungarian culture and history at an academic level. It sponsors annual conferences, supports publications of high quality research, and issues a newsletter on a regular basis. While the "home-base" of the Association is in Canada, its scope with regard to Hungarian Studies is international, and its approach is interdisciplinary. This donation, which includes the journal Hungarian Studies Review, is available as the Hungarian Studies Association of Canada fonds (F 4496).

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Land Improvement Contractors of Ontario

In September 2004 the Land Improvement Contractors of Ontario donated additional records of their organization, these are available as part of the Ontario Farm Drainage Association fonds (F 1268). Renamed the Land Improvement Contractors of Ontario in 1995, the Ontario Farm Drainage Association was formed to promote the use of tile drainage, encourage both education and research on drainage issues, advocate for good legislation on drainage issues in the province, and to ensure high quality work amongst its membership. This most recent donation includes records under both their old and new names, including executive, administrative and conference records as well as issues of their newsletter, In the Trenches.

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Leavens Aviation Incorporated

Fonds (F 4626) consists of records created and accumulated by Leavens Aviation Corporated and members of the Leavens family. The majority of records consist of photographs, technical drawings, newspaper clippings that relate to both the Leavens Aviation business as well as the Aviation Observer School it operated in London, Ontario during World War II. The records were donated to the Archives of Ontario by Leavens Aviation Incorporated in 2011. An accrual donation was donated by Charles Leavens in 2013.

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Moriyama & Teshima Architects

Raymond Moriyama and Ted Teshima donated the records of Moriyama & Teshima Architects (F 2187) to the Archives of Ontario in July 2001 and again in 2004. Moriyama & Teshima Architects are one of Canada's most prestigious architectural firms and are now part of Ontario's documentary history thanks to the donation.

Having a world-wide reputation for excellence in design, Moriyama & Teshima Architects have designed and won awards for a wide variety of public buildings, as well as innovative urban and rural land use plans in Ontario and elsewhere. These include libraries, watershed plans, parklands, civic centres and squares, university campuses, recreational facilities, schools and corporate learning centres, commercial complexes and museums. The firm has designed significant Ontario government buildings, including the Ontario Science Centre (Don Mills) and Science North (Sudbury); the Goh Ohn Bell at Ontario Place; Ministry of Natural Resources headquarters (Peterborough); and Niagara Parks Commission landscape planning.

Moriyama and Teshima were also responsible for the new Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, as well as projects across Canada and in Saudi Arabia, Miami Beach, New Orleans, Chicago and Buffalo.

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Multicultural Health Coalition

The Multicultural Health Coalition (MHC) was established in 1984 by members of Ontario's health care community with the mandate to work with government and health agencies to promote cultural sensitivity and responsiveness in health care and ensure that all persons, regardless of racial or cultural background, had equal access to it.

The fonds was donated by Dr. Ralph Masi, a practicing family physician in Toronto who has long been involved in issues of multiculturalism and health care. He is the Founding President of both the MHC and the Canadian Council on Multicultural Health and acted as the Ministry of Health’s Multicultural Health Coordinator from 1990 to 1992.

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Musee Heritage Museum & Archives (St. Albert, Alberta)

In August 2010 Rene Georgopolis, on behalf of the Musee Heritage Museum & Archives, donated several Ontario Department of Education Junior High School entrance exams.

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New Brunswick Museum

In October 2003 the Archives of Ontario received the donation of a single watercolour perspective drawing of Queens Park by George Gouinlock. The drawing was held in the collection of the New Brunswick Museum for many years. Finally in 2003, recognizing that the drawing has an important relationship to Ontarios history, it was transferred from the New Brunswick Museum to the Archives of Ontario, now available as the George W. Gouinlock fonds (F 4418).

This drawing relates to and greatly complements other Gouinlock architectural drawings he made while working on the additions to the Legislative Building ca. 1910, available in the architectural drawings of the Department of Public Works (RG 15-13-2). Other Gouinlock drawings are available in the Horwood collection (C 11).

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Older Women's Network

The Older Womens Network (Ontario) Inc. (OWN) donated their organizations archival records to the Archives of Ontario in 2007 and 2010. OWN is an incorporated non-profit non-governmental organization representing senior women in Ontario.

The donations (F 4570) consist of administrative and operational records documenting the early years of the organization; co-op housing development files; extensive advocacy-related correspondence with various levels of government, and planning and communication records for the OWN festival which celebrated the creativity of older women. Examples of areas of interest targeted by OWNs advocacy, research and education efforts are: health and long-term care, homes for the aged, family law, housing, pension plan and taxation reform, violence against women, transportation, employment, anti-racism efforts and multiculturalism. The most recent donation adds extensive photographic documentation of OWN events as well as files of OWN committees and Special Interest Groups.

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Onet Networking Limited

In 2004 the Archives of Ontario received the business records of Onet Networking Limited (F 4437), the first Internet Protocol network in Ontario and the third in Canada. ONet Networkings stated goals were to operate and manage a computer network and to facilitate data communications activities of the members of the corporation and other users in support of: research and development; education and training; technology transfer; hospitals and health care; libraries, municipalities and other public service undertakings.

The donation is comprised of textual records (contracts and correspondence) and about 200 MB of electronic records, including Board of Directors minutes, financial statements, reports, and email correspondence, and website contents.

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Ontario Association of Art Galleries

The Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) made its first donation of records in 1996, and additional records were donated in 2008, 2011, 2012, and 2014. The Association, formed in 1968, is the umbrella organization which represents and serves the needs of public art galleries in Ontario and encourages the ongoing and cooperative development of Ontario's public art galleries, art museums, community galleries and related visual arts organizations. Currently spanning the period 1968-2005, the Ontario Association of Art Galleries fonds (F 4343) includes executive and administrative records, financial records, publications materials including photographs, workshop records, and records related to its advocacy work.

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Ontario Association of Social Workers

An addition to the Ontario Association of Social Workers fonds (F 4175) was made by Rita Mascherin, Executive Assistant of the Association in September 2009. These are textual and electronic membership records which provide insight into the Associations members, their education, and employers.

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Ontario Band Association

In September 2010 Sarah Arcand, President of the Ontario Band Association (OBA), donated records of the OBA on behalf of the Association. The Association, which is affiliated with the Ontario Music Educators Association, provides leadership to band educators throughout the province, and is particularly active in promoting band music in Ontario high schools. The donation includes administrative records, recordings of performances, Conductors Symposium brochures, OBA Concert Band Festival programs, and newsletters.

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Ontario Council for Exceptional Children

In August 2010, Enid Baird donated, on behalf of the Ontario Council for Exceptional Children, the records of an organization that has played a significant role in advocating the education rights of exceptional children and the needs of their educators in Ontario since 1956. Donated records include minutes, conference materials, position papers, publications, audiovisual material and artifacts created and collected by the Council in the course of carrying out its mission.

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Ontario Family Studies/Home Economic Educators’ Association

In 2004 the Archives of Ontario received a donation of records from the Ontario Family Studies/Home Economic Educators Association (F 4435). The mission of OFSHEEA is to initiate and facilitate the professional development and personal growth of educators to promote quality family studies programs in Ontario. The Association has played an active role in the development of family studies curriculum and has provided advice to the Ministry of Education in this regard. OFSHEEA has also been involved in international development of family studies.

Records in the OFSHEEA donation include administrative and executive records, records related to international development work, publications and records of affiliate groups.

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Ontario Federation of Labour

Established initially in 1944, the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) was set up as the principal body representing organized labour in Ontario. Still active today, the OFL serves 650,000 organized Ontario workers, 1,500 affiliated local unions and supports its affiliated labour bodies and local unions with services in fields such as research, education, political action, human rights, communications, health and safety and worker's compensation.

In January 2004 the OFL donated more of their organization's records to the Archives, which are available as part of the Ontario Federation of Labour fonds (F 4180). The donation includes correspondence of senior OFL officials, research project files and submissions.

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Ontario Good Roads Association

The Ontario Good Roads Association, in 2006, donated its records for the period 1925 to 1965. The Ontario Good Roads Association was established in 1894 to promote the development of quality road construction in the province as a means to enhance municipal and economic growth. The donated records (F 4381) include general correspondence, conference materials, reports and photographs.

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Ontario Hooking Craft Guild

In July 2010 the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild (OHGG) donated records of its organization, established in 1966. The Guild grew out of the Ontario Governments Department of Education's policy of promoting arts and crafts in the 1960s as a vehicle for producing community leaders. The Guild was formed to encourage excellence of craftsmanship, to foster a sense of beauty in colour and design; to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information among the members of the Guild; and to co-operate with Guilds in other crafts. The donation (F 4619) includes minutes, financial records, OHCG history books; newsletters, regional workshop information; and visual records of hooked pieces and Guild events.

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Ontario Institute for studies in Education / University of Toronto Library (OISE/UT Library)

The Archives of Ontario was fortunate to receive the Alice McCallum fonds (F 4444) from the OISE/UT Libary in 2004 in liaison with Heather McCallum, who had originally donated these materials to the OISE/UT Library in 1984. The fonds consists of ten portfolios and two folders of childrens drawings and related records that were created by Ontario school students of Alice McCallum in the 1940s and 1950s. The portfolios date from two different periods and schools in Mrs. McCallums career: in Vankoughnet (Muskoka) from 1943 to 1948 and in Nottawasaga (Collingwood) from 1955 to 1958. The drawings are the work of young children and the topics vary from Bible stories to scenes from their daily lives.

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Ontario Mirror Dinghy Association

The Ontario Mirror Dinghy Association (OMDA) is a sailing, racing, camping, and social organization. The OMDA was established in 1970 when a small group of immigrants, new to Canada from Holland and England came together to form a provincial association with the aim of building Mirror dinghies, racing competitively, and enjoying outdoor activities and social events. The membership of the OMDA convenes once a year for its Annual General Meeting. The Association publishes a quarterly newsletter called The Jibsheet and maintains a website (

Named after the UK newspaper, the Mirror is a very popular sailing dinghy with more than 70,000 built to date. It is a small wooden sail boat that is available as a kit. Its light and stable design, not to mention its affordability, has made the Mirror accessible to a wide audience, most notably in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Ontario Music Educators' Association

The Ontario Music Educators' Association first began donating its records to the Archives of Ontario in 1978, it made its most recent donation in November 2010. The Association's fonds (F 1219) consists of various administrative records of the Association, including minutes, financial statements, records of conferences and workshops, publications and records of the President. The 2010 donation adds visual documentation to the Association's records available at the Archives.

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Ontario Professional Planners Institute

In 2002 the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) donated the records of their organization to the Archives. The Institute is the voice of the province's planning profession. The Ontario Professional Planners Institute was organized in 1986 with the amalgamation of the four Ontario chapters of the Canadian Institute of Planners. The fonds (F 4402) consists of the general operational records of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute and its predecessors. This includes correspondence of the Board of Directors, minutes of the Board and committees, reports and research material relating to a variety of topics of concern to the planning community.

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Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association (ORMTA)

The Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association first began donating its records to the Archives of Ontario in 1983 and made its most recent donation in 2012. The Association’s fonds (F 1223) consist of records concerning its administration, oral history interviews of its members, as well as a slide show that outlines its history.

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The Order Sons of Italy of Canada

The Order Sons of Italy of Canada originated in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, in 1915 as a social club for Italian immigrants. By the early 1920s enough local (or "filial") lodges had sprung up across Ontario to qualify for the formation of a Grand Lodge in 1924. The creation of the Grand Lodge led to the official incorporation of the Order Sons of Italy in Ontario (OSIO) in 1926. By 1939, there were 28 lodges, nine of which were female lodges. In 1993, with its spread to Manitoba, the OSIO was officially reincorporated as the Order Sons of Italy of Canada. In 2000 the OSIO donated their records to the Archives.

The Order Sons of Italy of Canada fonds (F 4378) which dates from 1915 to the 1990s, documents the experiences of Italian Canadians in the 20th century, and are an excellent genealogical resource.

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Osgoode Society

The Osgoode Society has regularly donated its oral history recordings and transcripts to the Archives since the start of its oral history programme in 1979. The Osgoode Society is an organization that studies, researches and promotes public interest in the history of the law, the legal profession and the judiciary in Ontario and Canada. The Osgoode Society fonds (C 81) consists of oral history interviews of lawyers, judges and others in the legal profession, relating to various aspects of legal history in Ontario and Canada. To date the Osgoode Society has created and donated almost 400 interviews in the form of sound recordings and transcripts, making this collection an excellent resource for the study of legal history.

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Peace Research Institute - Dundas

In 2005 Dr. Hanna Newcombe donated the records of the Peace Research Institute-Dundas (PRI-D). The PRI-D was established in 1976 and concluded its work in 2005. The organization was a private, non-profit body devoted to international peace advocacy and research. Dr. Newcombe was one of the organization's founding directors. The aim was to bring together peace-related research from the sciences, humanities and social sciences to provide a means by which scholars could refer to, and build upon, peace-related work in all disciplines from around the world. The Peace Research Institute - Dundas fonds (F 4466) consists of peace research abstracts, correspondence, articles, reprints, books, file index cards, subject files and research notes created by PRI-D.

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Peel Heritage Complex

Brian Gilchrist, on behalf of the Peel Heritage Complex, donated two unique items of ephemera. The first is a 1935 T. Eaton Co. flyer that advertises an exhibit, featuring recreations of the Crown Jewels of England, which has been added to the T. Eaton Co. records (F 229). The Friendship Motel business card (F 4588), the second item, is indicative of its time period, with mention of the motel and its wall-to-wall broadloom carpets, televisions, and its use of British flags as a decorative feature all classic motifs of 1950s Ontario culture.

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Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario made its first donation of its records in 1994, with further donations made in 2007 and in 2009. The original 1994 donation covered a wide span of the Party's history from 1950 to 1985, but particularly 1971-1985 when William Davis was Premier and Party Leader. The 2007 donation provided additional records of the Party President for the period 1988-2003. The most recent donation from Duncan Greene, who worked in the Party's direct mailing department, consists of samples of the Party's direct mailings from 1973 to 2003. These donations are available as the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario fonds (F 2134).

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Provincial Council of Women of Ontario

In July 2003 the Archives of Ontario acquired a third donation of records from the Provincial Council of Women of Ontario. The Provincial Council of Women of Ontario was established in Toronto in 1923 in order to act as a voice of women on various social issues affecting women and society as a whole. It has its origins in the National Council of Women and its move in 1918-1919 to establish provincial councils.

The Council's most recent donation includes Minutes, 1991-1993; Annual Reports, 1994-2003; Annual Briefs to Government of Ontario, 1994-2002; Financial Statements, 1990-1995; and Constitution, 1981, 1986.

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Provincial Grand Orange Lodge of Ontario West

The Orange Lodge is a fraternal organization which can trace its origins to early Protestant settlers in Canada. The Orange Order was formally organized in Canada at a meeting in Brockville on January 1, 1830. In May 2004, the Provincial Grand Orange Lodge of Ontario West donated its records (F 4409).

The records can be divided into four distinct groups: Paper and parchment warrants and certificates; registers; regalia; and published material. Warrants and certificates establish lodges or an individual's membership and degree status. The acquisition contains approximately 200-300 warrants and certificates. The variety of registers - minute books, expense books, membership books, roll books, dues books - make up the vast majority of the donation (approximately 400 volumes), and come from primary lodges across Ontario West. A few representative pieces of regalia were selected and include lodge seals; ceremonial stoles/chains; two painted parade banners; and a miniature arch, all of which were selected for their aesthetic value, use of Orange Lodge symbols, and clear indication of provenance. Proceedings of the annual meetings of the provincial lodge and various editions of Orange Lodge constitutions and laws, as well as a small number of annotated bibles, and a supplier's catalogue of available Orange Lodge regalia comprise the published material.

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Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

In 1999 the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) donated their organization's records to the Archives of Ontario. The RNAO is the professional organization for registered nurses in Ontario. It began in 1904 as the Graduate Nurses' Association of Ontario.

The donation consists of over 52 metres of records and documents the RNAO from its beginnings in 1904 until 1985. The records include records of annual meetings, Board of Directors, Executive and other committees, membership, conferences and workshops as well records related to employee relations, nursing education and government relations. Of particular interest are the records held by the association relating to the 1984 Royal Commission of Inquiry into Certain Deaths at the Hospital for Sick Children and Related Matters (the Grange Commission).

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Rogers Publishing Limited

In 2003 Rogers Publishing donated, via David North, David North's research material regarding the history of Maclean's magazine, including oral history interviews with former Maclean's editors and staff conducted in the early 1990s. In October 2010 Rogers Publishing Limited donated correspondence (1996-2003) sent by readers of Chatelaine magazine. Correspondence subjects include subscription inquiries, article submissions, contests, reader concerns and magazine content, both positive and negative. These additional donations together with earlier donations from Maclean-Hunter Limited in the 1990s are available as the Maclean-Hunter Limited fonds (F 138). Maclean-Hunter Limited was a major Canadian publisher, from 1945 to 1994, of Maclean's Magazine and over 130 special interest magazines and 70 business periodicals including the Financial Post. It also had stakes in the newspaper publishing industry, the radio and television industry, and the cable industry. Rogers Publishing Limited acquired Maclean-Hunter in 1994.

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St. Lawrence Starch Company

Established in 1889 by founder John Gray, the St. Lawrence Starch Company was a family owned private company specializing in the manufacturing of corn based products. Between April 2001 and October 2002, the company, based in Port Credit (now Mississauga, Ontario), donated virtually all of its corporate archives to the Archives of Ontario.

The St. Lawrence Starch Company fonds is a rare and exceptional example of a truly comprehensive business fonds. The records cover over 100 years, from the company's beginnings to the late 1990s. St. Lawrence Starch also generously provided financial support to assist with the processing, description and transfer of the records.

Included among the records are minutes from the Board of Directors of St. Lawrence Starch, its subsidiaries, and the parent W.J. Gray Holdings Company. There is also extensive executive level correspondence, financial statements, corporate tax returns and ledgers; factory orders; correspondence with suppliers, customers and competitors and various levels of government; internal committee minutes; records relating to labour relations; and records relating to legal matters, including litigation over supply of corn syrup to the Dionne quintuplets in the 1930s and the Countervailing duty in the 1980s. There are also records documenting product research and development, production processes, planning and expansion proposals, and files documenting the company's relations with the community and its involvement in sponsoring sporting events. Finally there are records on the Company's downsizing and plant closing, and the demolition and redevelopment of the factory lands, including environmental assessments. [MORE St. Lawrence Starch Company]

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Stone and Cox Limited

John Wyndham, publisher of Canadian Insurance Magazine and owner of Stone and Cox Limited, donated Stone and Cox fonds (F 4555) in January 2008. The fonds includes minute books, articles of incorporation, and various publications of Stone and Cox Limited, established as a Canadian insurance publisher in 1912. The bulk of the donation comprises various publications, including Canadian Insurance Magazine (published since 1913), General Insurance Register, underwriting experience charts, life insurance tables and policy conditions.

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Theatre Ontario

In 2010 Cornelia Persich, Education Coordinator for Theatre Ontario donated additional materials to the Theatre Ontario fonds (F 1156). The donation includes Board minutes (1978-1998), newsletters (1978-2003) and the magazine Scene Changes produced by Theatre Ontario until 1997.

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Toronto and North York Hunt

In March 2009, the Toronto and North York Hunt (TNYH) made a large donation of its records from 1933 to 2002 of photographs (prints and negatives), volumes and textual records, maps and audio recording tape). TNYH is one of the oldest fox hunting sports clubs in North America and was the first organized hunt association west of Montreal. The donation consists of material relating to the TNYH from its incorporation in 1933 to 2002. A few records pre-dating the clubs incorporation are also included.

The records of this fonds (F 4586) consist of material relating to the Toronto and North York Hunt and includes: minute books; visitors books; maps of hunting territories; kennel accounts documenting the costs involved in maintaining and caring for the pedigreed hunting hounds; records of the hounds pedigrees; programs, invitations and responses to TNYH events; real estate records of property purchases and sales; information on the history and traditions of fox hunting for educational purposes; files relating to proper hunting attire including fabric swatches; and newspaper articles. The fonds also includes general correspondence, material relating to hunt balls, fundraising, dinner dances, and detailed financial records.

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Toronto Business and Professional Women's Club

In December 2005 Jean Lowery, on behalf of the Toronto Business and Professional Women's Club, made the most recent donation of the Club's records to the Archives, the fourth donation since 1974. Founded in 1910, the Toronto Business and Professional Women's Club is an organization that promotes the interests of business and professional women, encourages the education and occupational training of girls and women, and promotes co-operation between professional and business women. The Toronto Business and Professional Women's Club fonds (F 2085) now contains almost a full 100 years of the Club's records, from 1910 to 2004, including minutes, reports, newsletters, auditors' reports, membership lists, and photographs of Club activities and members.

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Toronto Field Naturalists’ Club fonds

The Toronto Field Naturalists' Club has donated records of its organization to the Archives since 1980, most recently in 2003. The Toronto Field Naturalists' Club was a naturalist and conservation association active in Toronto. It was formed in 1923, and organized into special groups representing interests such as birds, mammals, flowers, wildlife preservation and geology. The main activities of the club were to organize outings to various natural habitats, and to have lectures on naturalist topics. This most recent addition to the Toronto Field Naturalists' Club fonds (F 821) contains Presidents correspondence, auditors reports, Board of Directors meetings, minutes and agendas, publications and pamphlets, as well as records of the Toronto Junior Field Naturalist Club, and one video cassette 1991 - Urban Ecology.

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Toronto Film and Video Club

In November 2008 the Toronto Film and Video Club donated The Settlers, a 16mm film created in 1960-1964 by Jack Ruddell (d. 2005), in which Toronto Film and Video Club members participated as actors in the film. Set in 1835 and filmed at Black Creek Pioneer Village, the film portrays a pioneer couple newly arrived in Upper Canada from Nova Scotia. In July 2010 the Club made an additional donation of Club minutes, newsletters, and additional films created by the Club and its members. Together, as the Toronto Film and Video Club fonds (F 4582), the donations provide an interesting record of the social phenomenon of amateur film-making in Toronto since 1934.

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Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design of the University of Toronto

In 2002, The Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto donated Jack Ryries Scrapbook. Jack Ryrie (1903-1988) was born into a wealthy Toronto family, but Ryrie chose not to go into the family business, deciding instead to become an architect. After studying at the University of Toronto, Ryrie did post-graduate studies in Paris, and took the opportunity to travel in much of Europe and Egypt.

The scrapbook has an extensive front section of photographic reprints or clippings from publications of mainly European buildings of the Bauhaus period. It contains many photomechanical reprints, newspaper and professional journal clippings, a few original photographs, awards citations, notices, ephemera, correspondence, telegrams, and other textual items. It appears to cover Jack Ryrie's career from the 1920s graduation through to the work of the firm Saunders and Ryrie up to the end of the 1940s. It gives a good overview of the actual buildings the firm was responsible for, their awards, and the activities or professional events involving the members of the firm. As well, there is extensive detailed commentary on the firm's designs and award winning buildings from writers such as Eric Arthur, and it contains many original records such as correspondence, telegrams, ephemera and award notices.

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University of Western Ontario

In October 2006, the University of Western Ontario, Map Library donated 9 maps, 1912-1941. In 1891 the Ontario Bureau of Mines (attached to the Ontario Department of Crown Lands) began the production of maps and reports on the provinces mineral resources. These particular maps cover the following areas: Porcupine, Beatty-Munro, southeastern Ontario, Kenogamissi Lake, Contact Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Batchawana, and Haldimand.

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Wellesley Central Health Corporation

The Wellesley Central Hospital records were donated in September 2005 by the Wellesley Central Health Corporation. Wellesley Central Hospital was a University of Toronto teaching hospital serving several communities in downtown Toronto. Wellesley Hospital opened in 1911 as a private hospital with 72 beds whose clients came mainly from Rosedale. It evolved into a large public health care institution serving not only Rosedale but also the large urban neighbourhood surrounding the hospital and from across Ontario. By 1980s it was an acute care hospital providing a wide variety of emergency, in-patient, day care and ambulatory programs. It offered primary care services and specialty services in all health disciplines.

The Wellesley Central Hospital fonds (F 4475) includes annual reports, financial records, by-laws, correspondence, Board of Directors minutes and bylaws, records, surveys, hospital accreditation records, operation records by units (i.e. emergency, cardiology, radiology, pharmacy), subject files, newsletters, photographs and architectural records related to building expansions.

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Workers' Educational Association

In 2004 The Archives of Ontario received an additional donation of records from the Workers' Educational Association. The Workers' Educational Association was first founded in England in 1903 as an instrument to bring together labour and education. The Canadian association was founded in Toronto in 1918.

This accrual to the Workers' Educational Association fonds (F 1217) includes minutes, financial records, annual reports, policy planning and development records, records of its involvement with national and international conferences and associations, and publications.

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World Federalists Movement – Canada

In 2005 the Archives of Ontario received an additional donation of records from the World Federalists Movement Canada. The World Federalists is a not-for-profit research, education and advocacy organization for the application of the principles of federalism to world affairs, and whose goal is to achieve a federal world government.

This accrual to the World Federalists Movement fonds (F 795), consists of three main areas: records of the Toronto Branch World Federalist Archives; records related to mundialization (connecting municipalities to a world community), and notes and drafts related to Paul Dilse's book on the movement's history, The World Federalists of Canada: Their Contribution to Social Thought and Change.

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