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CFPL Timeline - 1957

“Amid the cheers and noisy toasts, another year has been sent to join history. Now, as the world faces an infant year, is the time for reflection…. Nineteen fifty seven: what sort of year was it? In Western Ontario, it mixed triumph with tragedy, achievement with nostalgia, and progress with destruction. The forces of nature played a major role in shaping the events of the past 12 months. So did human frailty. …. This is nineteen fifty seven – revisited through the eyes of the CFPL newsreel cameras – which recorded the mighty and the humble --- the humorous and the awesome.”

Excerpt from year end script.

Images from CFPL News 1957

National and International News Stories of 1957:

  • Lester B. Pearson is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in helping diffuse the Suez Canal Crisis.

  • The Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act is passed by Parliament. This represents the beginning of Public Health Care in Canada.

  • The 23rd session of the Canadian Parliament is opened by Queen Elizabeth II. She is the first monarch to open Canadian Parliament in person.

  • Theodor (“Ted”) Seuss Geisel writes and illustrates a primer that endeavours to both entertain children and introduce them to new-reader words. Schools are reluctant to use the book but it appeals to parents and children alike. The book, “The Cat in the Hat” launches the career of “Dr. Seuss” who will become one of the most popular children’s writers of all time.

  • Sputnik 1 is launched by the Soviet Union with the intention of demonstrating the viability of artificial satellites. It also effectively launches the space race. A month later Sputnik 2 is launched carrying Laika, a dog who becomes the first living creature to enter space.

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This Was 1957 – Year End Show 1957 (excerpts)
black and white 16mm motion picture film, silent and sound
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This Was 1957 – Year End Show 1957 (excerpts)
news script
Reference Code: F 4396-2-2
Archives of Ontario