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The Achives of Ontario Celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II: Just for Kids

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Shown here is St. Edward's crown, which is the official crown of England. Made in 1662 to replace the Confessor's Crown destroyed in 1649.

Also shown are the Royal Sceptre and the Orb.

Picture of St. Edward's crown

Picture of the Coronation Coach

The Coronation Coach is used only for the Coronation Parade.

It is very valuable and is always re-gilded before use.

Buckingham Palace is the official residence in London of the Queen. From here the Queen sets out on her journey to Westminster Abbey for the crowning ceremony.

Picture of Buckingham Palace

Picture of Queen's Procession

Picture of Horseguard Sentry

Picture of the Coronation Chair

A Horseguard Sentry on guard duty at Horseguard's Parade in Whitehall.

The Coronation Chair All the sovereigns since Edward I have been consecrated on this chair. The Stone of Scone (Lia Fail) is fixed in the base. Legend claims that Jacob slept on the stone. It was sent to London in 1296.

The Union Jack:

The Union Jack (or Jaque) is made of the three flags of the patron saints, St. George of England, St Andrew of Scotland and St. Patrick of Ireland.

Picture of St. George's Flag
St. George's Flag

Picture of St. Andrew's Flag
St. Andrew's Flag

Picture of St. Patrick's Flag
St. Patrick's Flag

Picture of The Union Jack
The Union Jack

The Poster below was prepared to outline the itinerary for the royal visit in 1973.

Picture of Poster for 1973 royal visit to Canada

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