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The Districts of Northern Ontario

Starting in 1858, districts were created in Northern Ontario for the delivery of judicial and provincial government services to the local population. As populations grew new districts were created and boundaries changed.

Northern districts contain incorporated improvement districts, villages, towns, cities, and townships, but they are not incorporated themselves, unlike the counties in southern Ontario. This means that they have no council. Also, the northern districts should not be confused with the pre-1850 districts in Southern Ontario.

Click on the dates below to see maps showing the northern districts at various points in time between 1869 (when the first change to the 1858 districts occurred) and 1927.

The table below lists the names of the northern districts, the year they were created, and the districts from which they were created.

List of names of the northern districts


Created in 1858

Unorganized territory

Created in 1921

Temiskaming District

Thunder Bay District

Created in 1909

Rainy River District

Created in 1888

Algoma District

Created in 1868

Unorganized Territory

Created in 1858

Unorganized territory

Parry Sound
Created in 1869

Unorganized territory

Rainy River
Created in 1885

Thunder Bay District

Created in 1907

Algoma District

Created in 1912
Now called Timiskaming

Algoma District

Nipissing District

Sudbury District

Thunder Bay
Created in 1871

Algoma District

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